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The Centre of Excellence in Next Generation Networks (CENGN) is an industry-led consortium of corporate, academic and research members committed to ensuring that Canada is a global leader in the commercialization of technologies that will underpin the next generation of converged global communication networks.

Next Generation Networks (NGN), represent a $5 trillion market offering massive opportunities for countries and companies that can move quickly,” says Ritch Dusome, CEO of CENGN. “That’s what attracted Empowered Networks to join us as a partner. As they contribute, they have the opportunity to work with our members, Multinational Enterprise leaders, to create a truly unique collaborative environment to accelerate and foster new innovation.”


The key to next generation networks is interoperability between software, hardware and a multitude of products from many different vendors. CENGN’s state-of-the-art Physical and Virtualized Multi-vendor Platform, for both OpenStack and Enterprise, lowers the barrier to entry for companies and researchers. This unique platform provides an environment to collaborate, test, commercialize and create standards for the new technologies needed to run NGNs.

Empowered is a specialized Systems Integrator – designing, deploying and managing practical technical solutions for Networks, Labs and Data Centers. The Empowered team will provide technical expertise on network, security and wireless testing, and on test methodology and automation, to facilitate interoperability and other testing on CENGN’s platform.

“The CENGN consortium offers something that is not available elsewhere. This is not an academic exercise. It’s a deliberately commercial approach to building leading Canadian companies, and we are very proud of our CENGN partnership,” says Brian Hepburn, CEO of Empowered Networks.

Hepburn knows a thing or two about growing a high tech Canadian SME. He has led Empowered since 2007, growing the team to 70 employees across Canada. The company creates real-world solutions by combining proven products and systems with technical, engineering and consulting expertise.

Empowered’s customer list includes CENGN Members Alcatel-Lucent, Cisco, TELUS, Allstream, BTI, EWA and Rogers, among other Canadian equipment manufacturers, carriers and service providers.  Many leading Canadian firms in finance, government, services, utilities and education are also Empowered customers.


With partners like Empowered Networks, the industry-driven CENGN consortium is creating a new crop of winning Canadian communications companies. These companies typically employ workers that, according to the most recent Statistics Canada figures, pay an average salary of $67,487.

“It is very important that we find partners with the right attitude and the right skills. CENGN is thrilled that we have the opportunity to work with companies like Empowered Networks and expose its team to global industry players from across the NGN universe,” says Dusome.

Dusome adds that working in CENGN’s multi-vendor OpenStack and Enterprise test lab environment will help Empowered demonstrate the value it can bring to new technology-driven Canadian companies in the NGN space. He welcomes the company’s commitment to help create a new ecosystem for Canada’s next generation of telecommunications entrepreneurs.

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