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Canada’s Centre of Excellence in Next Generation Networks (CENGN) is an industry-led consortium of corporate, academic and research members committed to ensuring that Canada is a global leader in the commercialization of technologies that will underpin the next generation of converged global communication networks.

“The Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV) market is expected to be worth $40 billion worldwide by 2018 and account for close to 40% of the global communications networking market.  This is an area of focus for CENGN and we are targeting new SDN and NFV network technologies, applications and services,” says Ritch Dusome, President and CEO of CENGN. “Inocybe’s expertise in SDN and OpenDaylight development and training make them an ideal partner and collaborator for us.”


The industry is undergoing a fundamental change driven by the convergence of all content, voice, video, data, mobility and the exponential growth of cloud-based applications.  By 2020, there will be 50 billion smart connected devices – more than the number of people on the planet.  In order to meet the fluctuating demand for network bandwidth, future networks will need to be dynamic – using technology such as SDN and NFV.  This transition is already underway, creating a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs and researchers to create new products, applications and services to enter this $19 trillion dollar market.

Moving from hardware to software-dominated networks will lead to a significant change in the skillsets required by companies and employees in the sector.  CENGN is leading in training this next generation of talent, utilizing its own talented team, the resources of its members and partnering with best-in-class companies.

“Canada’s fate in the knowledge-based era rests on the nation’s ability to continuously improve its communications infrastructure and talent pool,” says Mathieu Lemay, CEO and Founder of Montréal’s Inocybe Technologies Inc. “CENGN is creating an ecosystem with the necessary knowledge to leapfrog Canada into a world leadership role in Next Generation Networks.”

The draw of CENGN for Lemay’s company is close collaboration and relationship building with CENGN’s powerful array of multinational telecom companies. Those companies – including Alcatel-Lucent, Allstream, BTI Systems, Cisco, EWA Canada, EXFO, Invest Ottawa, JDSU, Juniper Networks, Mistral Ventures, Rogers and TELUS – are responsible for 90% of Canada’s annual telecom R&D spend.

Lemay is a serial entrepreneur who earned a Masters in Photonics from the École de technologie supérieure at the Université du Québec. From 2001-2005, while at Communications Research Centre (CRC), he worked on the development of the User Controlled Light Path (UCLP) with CANARIE, Canada’s designer of our national digital infrastructure. That project inspired the development of SDN on a global basis.

Lemay’s 20 team members in Montréal and Gatineau, Québec are leaders in virtualization techniques and top developers of OpenDaylight, an open source platform backed by Cisco Systems, IBM, Microsoft, and Ericsson among other industry heavyweights.

When he found out about CENGN’s mission to discover and unlock the potential of Canadian Small to Medium Enterprise “SME” companies working on Next Generation Network technologies, Lemay immediately saw its strategic value.

“SDN and NFV is a hotbed of innovation with a broad spectrum of vendors bringing products and technologies to market,” he says. “Ironically, the myriad of options may prove counterproductive to SDN and NFV adoption. Many smaller organizations, overwhelmed by choice, also have to avoid the pitfalls of nascent technologies such as inconsistent interoperability, limited management tools or fragmentation. Our work with CENGN helps clear this commercialization clutter.”


Inocybe’s training for CENGN project companies will cover fundamental and advanced levels, and provide vendor-specific modules to facilitate training for student interns and vendors working on CENGN commercialization acceleration projects.

Dusome reinforces Lemay’s comments, adding, “Inocybe Technologies is a great partner with invaluable expertise to help CENGN train the next crop of exciting Canadian companies in SDN technologies. It’s a highly innovative, highly respected firm with a very large footprint on global SDN development. We’re very pleased they’re working with us.”

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