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The Centre of Excellence in Next Generation Networks (CENGN) is an industry-led consortium of corporate, academic and research members committed to ensuring that Canada is a global leader in the commercialization of technologies that will underpin the next generation of converged global communication networks.

Next generation networks, a $5 trillion market, are a massive opportunity for companies that can move quickly. The industry is undergoing a fundamental change driven by the convergence of all content, voice, video, data, mobility and the exponential growth of cloud-based applications as the world moves towards the “Internet of Everything” – we are “hyper connected”. In order to meet the fluctuating demand for network bandwidth, future networks will need to be dynamic as we transition to totally programmable networks where hardware can be controlled from software running on virtual machines on data centre servers rather then local proprietary software using technology such as Software Defined Networks “SDN” and Network Function Virtualization “NFV”. These game-changing technologies are drastically changing the traditional network model and driving new innovation, a transition that will be a major disruption to traditional equipment vendors. However, this transition is creating a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs and researchers to develop new products, applications and services, and CENGN members are partnering with SMEs to take advantage of this market opportunity enter this $5 trillion dollar market.


CENGN members are responsible for 90% of Canada’s telecommunications industry R&D and have a proven track record in commercialization. CENGN’s model for commercialization is completely industry-driven, finding the best companies to solve real world problems. Based on this premise, the consortium identified seven specific technology areas: SDN, NFV, SD WAN, IoT, Data Centre/Cloud, Network Transport, Security, Network Applications and Network Mobility. Small to medium enterprises (SMEs), start-ups and researchers with innovative technology, products, applications or services are encouraged to submit their project proposals. The submissions are continually reviewed, and successful applicants are partnered with a CENGN member to accelerate commercialization. CENGN’s comprehensive multivendor testing and validation facilities, for both OpenStack and enterprise, are unique in the world. Successful projects will be supported technically and financially, accelerating product introduction and reducing product development time and costs.

“CENGN members are putting their expertise and equipment on the table to lower the barrier to entry for Canada’s best SMEs and researchers”, says Kelly Daize, VP of Business Development at CENGN, “This means we are always on the lookout for the best new products and services. By utilizing FluidReview, Canadian-developed technology, we have enabled companies to submit their projects 24/7 via our website and provided our members with the ability to review the proposals in a unique, organized online environment.”


The FluidReview software allows organizations to collect, manage and review online submissions. The software enables CENGN to create a custom project submission process to fit their specific needs, and organizes submissions into their specific areas of interest. It also provides the members of the consortium with an easy to use interface for viewing and evaluating only the submissions that are of interest to their companies. FluidReview simplified the submission process, making it easier than ever to connect with CENGN.

“Fluidware’s expertise on enabling online submission management has allowed us to scale our commercialization model at an unprecedented rate in days rather than weeks. The team helped with every aspect of customizing and integrating the product seamlessly into our website. We also plan to use the tools for other applications such a secure reference portal.”
Ritch Dusome, President & CEO, CENGN

“We love working with companies that are trying to make a difference,” Rafal Deren, Director of Marketing, FluidReview, “by integrating our FluidReview product we quickly enabled Canadian companies from across Canada to take advantage of CENGNs services.”

CENGN is always looking for innovative technology. Areas of interest include:

  • SDN, NFV and SD WAN
  • Internet of Things – IoT
  • Data Centre/Cloud
  • Network Transport
  • Security
  • Network Applications
  • Network Mobility