Happy Holidays from the CEO

2016 has been the most successful year for CENGN so far! CENGN has certainly hit the world stage in the past twelve months through:

I am proud to say that over the course of the year the team took part in over 25 different events in Canada and around the world! These events allowed CENGN to have the opportunity to grow its network in the ICT Telecom and Next Generation Networking sector. Over the course of the year, CENGN gained new partners such as; ITPreneurs & SDN Essentials, and new members including Wind River and Fujitsu. This growth of the CENGN consortium promises to increase our impact in the years to come.

We were also fortunate to work with our members and small and medium enterprises on a variety of innovative projects. Some highlights from 2016 were: 

The continued success we have seen from these projects is indicative of Canada’s potential to continue its leadership role in networking technology. CENGN is thrilled to be an integral party of our country’s resurgence in the sector.

CENGN also fostered yet another great collection of students. Here at CENGN, we make it a priority to give students the opportunity to gather real world experience, make an impact in a professional setting, and get involved in innovative technology. Judging by the 40+ students, I think it is safe to say we achieved our goal of introducing a fresh batch of new professionals to the ICT sector! Although we are sad to say farewell to the fall semester students, CENGN is happy to welcome another team of co-ops and interns who will be starting in January!

On December 7th, CENGN and our consortium hosted our 1st CENGN Summit with great keynote speakers and over 250 professionals in attendance. We hope to make next year an even bigger event.

On behalf of the team here at CENGN, I’d like to extend a thank you for everyone’s support this past year and to wish everyone a happy holiday season!

See you in the new year!


Ritch Dusome, 

President and CEO


CENGN Summit

Smart Infrastructure – Smart World

The CENGN Summit took place at the Brookstreet Hotel on December 7th, with an audience that packed the room! Over 250 excited attendees, from small to large companies, academia, and government, came together to discuss the next generation of networking and the future of Smart Infrastructure!

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SDN Training and ONF Certification 

On December 6th, an eager group of professional networking engineers attended CENGN’s SDN and ONF certification course. During the course, trainees were able to learn theory on SDN as well as gain hands on lab experience.

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Ottawa Open Source Networking Meetup

Pre- Summit Event

The Ottawa Open Source Networking Meetup delivered on all fronts. Attendees were given the chance to mingle with like-minded tech professionals on the latest trends in Open Networking and learn what’s new from CENGN, OPNFV and Open Daylight.

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SmartHawk Solutions

Solana partnered with CENGN to deploy and test its SmartHawk Solution, which is designed to provide automated network discovery and mapping insight. The SmartHawk topology discovery solution provides a unique vantage point for enhanced network monitoring, including route analytics and network performance updates.

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Fast Data Stacks

As an OPNFV ambassador, CENGN approached the FDS Project leadership to offer lab experts and hardware resources so FDS could be run on top of “commercial off the shelf” hardware in a very generic manner.

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Open Smart City

CENGN partnered with Juniper Networks and Inocybe Technologies to develop an open smart infrastructure and on-demand service portal, which will securely accommodate numerous service providers and provide a platform for on-demand innovative smart city services.

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CENGN is always looking for our next set of commercialization acceleration projects! 

Successful CENGN projects will receive commercialization support equivalent to $50,000 – $100,000. Click here for project submission details.

Ottawa’s New Smart City Technology Test Center

CENGN‘s CEO, Ritch Dusome, likened the new facility to an “on-ramp” that will allow firms, incubated at the Innovation Centre, to tap into all of CENGN’s network capabilities without having to be physically located in Kanata.

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Student Sendoff 

Fall Semester Co-ops & Interns

CENGN says farewell to another group of ambitious co-op and intern students! A big thanks to all the students for their hard work and dedication and we wish you all the best of luck on your future endeavors! 

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Join the Team!

CENGN has posted NEW career opportunities! We are always looking for Canada’s best employees, co-ops, and interns. From engineering to marketing there will be something here for you!
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Happy Holiday’s from the CENGN Team! See you next year!

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