September 26, 2019 @ 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm
555 Legget Drive
Tower A, Suite 600
Ottawa ON K2K 2X3
Kubernetes and Istio / Containerized StarlingX: First Open Infrastructure Meetup @ CENGN HQ

With the OpenStack Foundation summit rebranded as the Open Infrastructure summit, we’ve rebranded the OpenStack Ottawa meetup to the Open Stack Infrastructure meetup!

At our first meetup after rebranding, we will have two presentations, with topics related, but not limited to OpenStack!
We plan on having the meetup on Thursday, September 26th at CENGN.

Big thanks to our sponsors Wind River and CENGN for making this meetup possible.

Talk 1 – by Greg Waines from Wind River
StarlingX – Now bringing a Cloud Native solution to the Edge
StarlingX provides simple low-touch day-1 installation and configuration of the Kubernetes cluster, as well as highly available day-2 services such as monitoring, fault reporting, auto-recovery, backup & restore and software updates.
StarlingX can be deployed in a variety of configurations; ranging from a low-power low-cost single server deployment to a geographically distributed multiple cluster deployment. This deployment flexibility makes StarlingX applicable to Use Cases ranging from Telecom to Industrial, and from the core to the edge.
OpenStack StarlingX is a pilot project within the OpenStack Foundation. It provides a fully-managed / ready-to-deploy solution for Kubernetes, with an optional containerized OpenStack solution.
This talk will provide an overview of StarlingX, including the new capabilities of the upcoming StarlingX R2.0 community release, as well as touching on future directions for StarlingX R3.0.

Talk 2 – by Jonathan Gold from Container Solutions
Advanced Deployment Strategies with Kubernetes and Istio
This talk will focus on how you can leverage Istio to route external traffic to multiple versions of your application.
We’ll cover canary deployments with sticky sessions, and a/b testing to serve traffic based on several different
unique identifiers. Attendees will leave with a working knowledge of Istio components and how to implement these
strategies in their own environments.


17:00-18:00 – Check-in, food, drinks, and networking
18:00-18:10 – Opening talk about OpenStack
18:10-19:00 – Talk 1: StarlingX – Now bringing a Cloud Native solution to the Edge
19:00-19:10 – Break
19:10-20:00 – Talk 2: Advanced Deployment Strategies with Kubernetes and Istio