CENGN’s Pharos LaaS Program is a certified training course offered to those interested in OpenStack Administration on Open Source platforms. This program is composed of theoretical and practical training sessions, which confirm candidates have practical understanding of operating an OpenStack cloud deployment using the OPNFV Pharos reference platform. To complete the course, candidates must take and pass the OpenStack Administration on OPNFV Pharos vPODs Examination which includes a practical lab. The program is designed to establish the candidate’s knowledge in fundamental principles as well as next-generation technologies.


Number of CPLP Certified Individuals




  • Networking Fundamentals
  • Linux Fundamentals
  • Cloud & OpenStack Principles
  • NFVi Principles and Value
  • OPNFV Pharos PODs Architecture
  • Practical Lab Secure Design
  • Introduction to HEAT Orchestration

To enrol in this program, contact us at TRAINING@CENGN.CA