CENGN’s mission is to foster Canada’s leading role in the commercialization of technologies that will underpin the next generation of converged global communication networks.

Traveling is among the greatest vessels for self-growth, learning and understanding. CENGN’s Cross-Canada Roadshow was no exception, providing the traveling team with ample opportunity to meet with respective members of the academic, government, corporate, SME and startup communities in Edmonton, Vancouver, Toronto, Montréal and Ottawa. Along the way, CENGN amassed an audience of nearly 400 people, its informational seminars presenting the company’s commercialization acceleration model: matching the multinational members – experts at commercialization – with Canada’s best SMEs in their areas of interest. The online submission process is completely automated and successful candidates can gain $50,000 to $100,000 of commercialization acceleration support. Attendees were also granted the unique opportunity to pitch their project ideas to CENGN members, global leaders in the telecom industry such as Alcatel-Lucent, Allstream, BTI Systems, Cisco, EXFO, EWA, Invest Ottawa, JDSU, Juniper Networks, Mistral Venture Partners, Rogers and Telus. The roadshow allowed them to respectively present and discuss the rationale behind their affiliation to CENGN. “It’s really about fusing passion with innovation” said Allstream’s Michael Haddad at the Toronto Roadshow.

Access to CENGN’s resources and members, as well as the unique physical and virtualized multi-vendor platform for both OpenStack and Enterprise, will accelerate and foster these new innovations.

A key component of our model is to develop and utilize the talent from Canada’s colleges and universities. From Simon Fraser University to McGill, CENGN delved into the extensive research conducted by dedicated students and staff while getting an inside look at their most recently executed projects. These discussions provided CENGN with insight and understanding that will further develop its academic partnership model, tying into CENGN’s role as a conduit between universities and industry: ensuring that they are working on industry-relevant research and that their post-secondary talent has the new skills, specifically in NFV and SDN, that companies are looking for. One university professor attending the seminars captured CENGN’s ability to bring together the people and companies that count, saying that:

“The networking achieved in 90 minutes at the CENGN seminar was as effective as years of individual contacts. The quality of the interaction and the matching between my research expertise and the problems raised by industry leaders present at the meeting were quite remarkable.”


All in all the CENGN 2015 Roadshow provided us with the means to communicate the CENGN commercialization model, promoting project submission to the relevant audiences so as to progress Canada into a world leadership role in Next Generation Networks. Plans are underway for our next Roadshow in 2016, extending our Canadian tour to Halifax, Québec City, Calgary and Waterloo.