TELUS/CENGN Innovation Hub

The 5G Innovation HUB was developed through a partnership between TELUS, CENGN and Kanata North’s Hub350, with the goal of driving new product innovation and commercialization in Canada enabled by a growing 5G network capability coast to coast.

The HUB allows Canadian innovators to leverage 5G, Internet of Things (IoT), edge computing, and network slicing technologies to create and improve upon solutions for public safety, autonomous vehicles, medical technologies, manufacturing, automation, and other critical areas for Canadian tech.

Multi-stakeholder Challenges will be issued regularly looking for small businesses to fulfill customer needs outlined in the Challenges.  Selected Canadian businesses will work with end customers, TELUS, and CENGN to demonstrate their solution and move to commercial deployment.

Businesses will work closely with stakeholder teams to design projects that will maximize technical and business outcomes.  Successful projects are a springboard to working with TELUS and end customers on commercial deployment.

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The 5G Innovation Hub was created by TELUS, in partnership with CENGN and Kanata North’s Hub350, to drive emerging technology advancement and commercialization in Canada.

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