CENGN will create the opportunity to build relationships with partners, customers and developers in an environment that supports the commercialization of Software Defined Networking (SDN) applications/ platforms and interoperability between vendors bringing considerable benefits to the Canadian ICT industry through the commercialization of new technologies and application platforms.

Chris Bachalo, Global Director Cloud Solutions, Juniper Networks Canada

We previously had no solution to test the high number of physical devices of our product. CENGN’s next generation commercial-grade infrastructure allowed testing for robustness of our IoT sensor devices and continuous 24/7 monitoring during our 3-week project.

CENGN will provide a much needed cluster of commercialization expertise to SMEs and researchers. This initiative is critical to ensuring that Canada is once again recognized as a leader in next generation intelligent networks. The opportunity to be a member of CENGN will provide Alcatel-Lucent Canada an opportunity to expand our innovation capabilities.

Sam Bucci, Vice-President & General Manager of the Terrestrial Optics Product Unit, Nokia

Completing a project at CENGN meant we had access to their Testbed, subject matter expertise, and connections. We were able to work with CENGN and their partner eleven-x to ensure our product was ready for upcoming rollouts.

Ketan Kaushish, Co-Founder and CEO, Ukko Agro

All members of this organization should strive to create a more open ecosystem to drive innovation.

Tamer Shenouda, Director of Network Transformation, BELL

Scale testing our cloud network analyzer at CENGN has provided us with an excellent set of results we can use when talking to our prospective customers.