CENGN will complement the activities at Wavefront and ensure that all potential telecommunication companies and researchers have the tools and services to develop, validate and commercialize next generation networks technologies. The proposed activities of the CENGN will be an important step to re-establishing Canada’s position as a global leader in telecommunications and networking technologies.

James Maynard, President and CEO, Wavefront

CENGN will facilitate new opportunities for our institution to build new relationships with major corporations and start-ups-relationships that will lead to increased technology transfer and accelerated levels of commercialization.

Sylvain Charbonneau, Associate Vice-President Research, University of Ottawa

There is a burgeoning opportunity for the industry in Software Defined Networking (SDN), a major trend towards development of sophisticated software that links applications to underlying network infrastructure…building capacity in this area will benefit Canadian industry with global market potential.

Ibrahim Gedeon, Chief Technology Officer, Telus

CENGN will provide a much needed cluster of commercialization expertise to SMEs and researchers. This initiative is critical to ensuring that Canada is once again recognized as a leader in next generation intelligent networks. The opportunity to be a member of CENGN will provide Alcatel-Lucent Canada an opportunity to expand our innovation capabilities.

Sam Bucci, Vice-President & General Manager of the Terrestrial Optics Product Unit, Nokia

CENGN is a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs to evaluate and validate their solutions on real world network hardware in partnership with Tier 1 equipment vendors and network operators- relationships that can be priceless for a start-up trying to get market acceptance. CENGN will result in significant competitive advantage for Canadian companies in the communications sector by facilitating quick & strong channels to market. CENGN will improve the quality of opportunities for investors such as Mistral.

Code Cubitt, Managing Director, Mistral Venture Partners

CENGN will create the opportunity to build relationships with partners, customers and developers in an environment that supports the commercialization of Software Defined Networking (SDN) applications/ platforms and interoperability between vendors bringing considerable benefits to the Canadian ICT industry through the commercialization of new technologies and application platforms.

Chris Bachalo, CTO, Juniper Networks Canada