CENGN is providing a common table for people of like-minded capabilities to come and communicate openly, it’s almost like the physical manifestation of open source software.

John Kadianos, CEO, Breqwatr

CENGN is a key R&D collaboration entity that allows a lot of the Canadian service providers and technology providers to work together to really look at specific problems in the industry and allow us to put together solutions that we feel will benefit not only Canadian enterprises and customers, but globally bring our footprint into the market.

Claudio Mazzuca, VP System & Analytics, EXFO

Canada’s fate in the knowledge-based era rests on the nation’s ability to continuously improve its communications infrastructure and talent pool. CENGN is creating an ecosystem with the necessary knowledge to leapfrog Canada into a world leadership role in Next Generation Networks.

Mathieu Lemay, CEO, Inocybe Technologies

CENGN will facilitate new opportunities for our institution to build new relationships with major corporations and start-ups-relationships that will lead to increased technology transfer and accelerated levels of commercialization.

Sylvain Charbonneau, Associate Vice-President Research, University of Ottawa

Given a customer cloud environment based on OpenStack, CENGN’s infrastructure validated that our product can be deployed and operated in an NFV ecosystem. With this new information we can continue to build and monitor the underlying systems for current and future telco customers.

There is a burgeoning opportunity for the industry in Software Defined Networking (SDN), a major trend towards development of sophisticated software that links applications to underlying network infrastructure…building capacity in this area will benefit Canadian industry with global market potential.

Ibrahim Gedeon, Chief Technology Officer, Telus