Canada’s fate in the knowledge-based era rests on the nation’s ability to continuously improve its communications infrastructure and talent pool. CENGN is creating an ecosystem with the necessary knowledge to leapfrog Canada into a world leadership role in Next Generation Networks.

Mathieu Lemay, CEO, Inocybe Technologies

CENGN will help EXFO build relationships with partners, SMEs and customers that in turn will provide us with the success that will help us continue to build high value jobs in Canadian cities.

Germain Lamonde, Chairman, Founder and CEO, EXFO Inc.

For the first time the world leaders in Network equipment are coming together to establish a multi-vendor virtualization platform to accelerate and foster new innovation. The platform will provide SMEs and researchers the ability to validate and test products and advanced applications such as healthcare and facilitate opportunities for growth for Cisco in Canada.

Kim Devooght Vice President, Public Sector, Cisco Canada