We are young cloud based collaboration platform (called SmartShape ™) that is leading the digitalization of heavy industries to improve economic and operating performance. We target engineering intense – heavy industries (oil and gas, power, shipbuilding, defence, and infrastructure). These industries are notorious for painful capital cost overruns and inefficiencies many of which can be solved with our technology. SmartShape, located in Ottawa (and Paris France) has an global mandate. Our value to industry is best evidenced through an actual live example: STX France, one of Europe’s largest shipyards has recently deployed our technology to “digitalize” their shipyard (our product’s first commercialization). More specifically we leveraged existing CAD engineering data to improve task visualization and fabrication in their drydock. Then we tied the data to various project and management systems. Hard performance metrics delivered through our technology showed a 45% times saving in labour to assemble complex components that will be repeated some 900+ times per ship. The improved efficiencies will save $90 million in hard construction costs in the next 18 months on a $1.5+ billion dollar contract. We can bring identical value to oil & gas, power, infrastructure and the defence industries. The secret to our technology is that we can connect and stream terabytes of data lightning fast over the cloud to any device (smartphone, tablet, laptop) without a large training requirement. Our speed, ability to connect remote areas and capacity to handle massive files is unique.