Government Programs

CENGN fosters industry collaboration and the advancement of Canada’s innovation economy by acting as a hub of technical expertise and leadership, as well as making available its commercial grade network infrastructure.

CENGN has completed multi-million dollar programs funded by Canadian Provincial and Federal governments focusing on advancing leadership in the information communication technology (ICT) sector and helping businesses commercialize new technologies globally.

Completed Programs

Next Generation Network Program (NGNP)

NGNP was funded by the Ontario Government’s Ministry of Economic Development. The program drove the innovation economy in Ontario through its focus on the expansion of digital infrastructure and development of talent and high-quality jobs. Powered by CENGN and carried out in partnership with Ontario Centre of Innovation (OCI), the NGNP advanced Ontario’s global competitiveness and economic strength to improve all sectors through network technology.

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Centres of Excellence for Commercialization and Research (CECR)

The CECR Program was developed by Canada’s Networks of Centres of Excellence (NCE) to bridge the challenging gap between innovation and commercialization across Canada. CENGN was entrusted with CECR funding to help Canadian tech small and medium enterprises (SMEs) overcome commercialization barriers by providing access to leading-edge technology and an ecosystem of globally recognized partners.

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Residential Broadband Program

The CENGN Residential Broadband Program worked to close the digital gap facing Rural, Northern and Indigenous communities by enabling commercial broadband deployments that address the geographical barriers to providing affordable high-speed internet.

Each project entailed the deployment of an innovative technology solution that provides flexible, lower-cost, higher-performance residential broadband access for a remote Ontario community. Upon completion, CENGN compiled the details and learnings from these projects into blueprint documents as a resource for other communities facing similar barriers to broadband access.

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ProgramsCECR ProgramNGNP Program
Objective:Matches research expertise with the business community to share knowledge and resources, bringing innovations to market faster across Canada. CENGN was entrusted by CECR to help startups overcome commercialization barriers to grow through network technology.Supports Ontario’s innovation ecosystem through its focus on the expansion of digital infrastructure across the Province, development of talent and high-quality ICT jobs, and overall enrichment of Ontario’s global competitiveness.
  • Promoted economic strength and growth in Canada’s ICT sector
  • Delivered commercialization services to startups and scaleups
  • Created a more robust tech talent pool through industry relevant training programs for students and professionals
  • Grew the ICT business sector, creating a flourishing environment for large and small businesses to succeed
  • Developed tech job growth for highly qualified personnel
  • Accelerated the adoption of advanced and disruptive technologies
Key Deliverables:
  • Commercialization Projects
  • Student Internship Program
  • Industry Relevant Training
  • Member and Partnership building
  • Commercialization Projects
  • Student Internship Program
  • Industry Relevant Training
  • Rural Ontario Residential Broadband Program
  • Northern Ontario Residential Broadbrand Program
  • Smart Agriculture Program
  • Smart Mining Program

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