Rural High Speed Internet Blueprints

 The following blueprints were developed based on the results of deploying innovative broadband solutions for Ontario communities facing specific barriers to cost-effective high-speed internet. As part of the CENGN Residential Broadband Program, each blueprint exists to share proven technical solutions for service providers, so they can reduce network costs and accelerate deployment timeframes in other communities facing similar broadband deployment barriers.

BlueprintProblemTech Solution
Hybrid Optical – Microwave on Hilly Terrain

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Extending high-speed internet access from a community with an existing point of presence (POP) to a rural neighbourhood that is separated by more than ten kilometers of hilly and rocky forested terrain and a large waterbody.• Upgrade existing 200’ smart tower
• Build new 200’ tower at distant community
• Use Wireless licensed microwave backhaul link to reduce middle-km costs instead of 21 km of fibre to larger community
• Build 4 km fibre ring to access up to 200 homes in distant community
• Use fibre-to-the-home to future proof the last km of the network
• Bury fibre in shoulder of the road to simplify and reduce the cost to installation community

Learn more about the CENGN Residential Broadband Program, each residential broadband project, and how the program enables high speed connectivity across Rural and Northern Ontario

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