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CENGN is an organization funded by the NCE (Networks of Centres of Excellence) CECR Program (Centres of Excellence for Commercialization and Research) and the Government of Ontario‘s NGNP (Next Generation Network Program). CENGN is a consortium made up of its member organizations, including: Bell Canada, Cisco, EXFO, HuaweiInvest Ottawa, Juniper Network, Mitel, Nokia, Ribbon CommunicationsRogers, TELUS, and Wind River. These competing organizations come together, putting aside their rivalry, and instead cooperate in CENGN’s vision to support commercialization in Canada – we call this: co-opetition. The goal of CENGN is to strategically fill the gaps identified in the Canadian telecommunications commercialization ecosystem – to ensure that Canadian small and medium enterprises (SMEs), start-ups, and researchers have access to industry guidance/knowledge and a multi-vendor open-platform for validation of their technologies and services.

This support is critical to SMEs looking to migrate innovation from the research phase to commercialization. No single consortium partner can deliver the functionality of CENGN. The strength and uniqueness of our approach comes from a combined contribution of CENGN’s talented team and its members, who contribute their expertise and equipment to lower the barrier to entry for Canadian SMEs. Click below to find out how CENGN helps both Ontario and Canadian SMEs commercialize their solutions.

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Project Areas

We accept projects in various networking areas. Find out how your company can collaborate with CENGN.
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Business Support

Supplementary to our technical support, CENGN offer's a wide range of business services. Discover what our business support entails.
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CENGN Infrastructure

Interested in learning what CENGN's high-tech data centers are made of? Get an inside look at our infrastructure here.
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Engineering / Technical Expertise

Learn about our proof-of-concepts, consulting, training and project management services.
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Infrastructure Services

Our infrastructure services are at your disposal. Check out the types of technology we can provide for your project.
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Past Projects

We've been busy! Take a look at CENGN's previous projects with SME, Partner and Member companies.
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