CENGN will provide a much needed cluster of commercialization expertise to SME’s and researchers. CENGN is critical to ensuring that Canada is once again recognized as a leader in next generation intelligent networks. (cont’d)
Sam Bucci, Nokia
CENGN will help EXFO build relationships with partners, SMEs and customers that in turn will provide us with the success that will help us continue to build high value jobs in Canadian cities.
Germaine Lamonde, EXFO Inc.
Bridging the gap between innovation, research and commercialization is important to ensure that Canada is competitive and an international recognized centre in next generation networks. (cont’d)
Michael McCallen, Viavi
CENGN will create the opportunity to build relationships with partners, customers and developers in an environment that supports the commercialization of Software Defined Networking (SDN) applications/ platforms (cont’d)
CENGN will create a space where ideas can grow from focused research that will launch into new business and/or products and in turn will stimulate economic growth and prosperity.
Kimberly Matheson, Carleton University
CENGN will facilitate new opportunities for our institution to build new relationships with major corporations and start-ups that will lead to increased technology transfer and accelerated levels of commercialization.
Sylvain Charbonneau, University of Ottawa
There is a burgeoning opportunity for the industry is Software Defined Networking (SDN), a major trend towards development of sophisticated software that links applications to underlying network infrastructure… (cont’d)
Ibrahim Gedeon, Telus
CENGN will complement the activities at Wavefront and ensure that all potential telecommunication companies and researchers have the tools and services to develop, validate and commercialize next generation network technologies.
James Maynard, Wavefront
This initiative will create a national focal point for research collaboration, development and testing of next generation networking solutions that are essential elements of a dynamic and vibrant Canadian ICT industry. (cont’d)
Jim Ghadbane, CANARIE
CENGN is a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs to evaluate and validate their solutions on real world network hardware in partnership with Tier 1 equipment vendors and network operators- relationships that can be priceless (cont’d)
Canada is an epicenter for networking research and innovation. Another demonstrable proof point of that, CENGN represents a critical milestone in the evolution of Software Defined Networking (SDN).
Dr. Robert Keys, Juniper Networks
CENGN has the ability to open doors quickly, key for a start-up company like ours. In a very short time frame we were able to install our equipment in their lab, connect to the CANARIE 100 Gbps research network and partner with an established player like BTI to demonstrate the successful application of technology in a real-world environment. Having that calibre of partners and first reference customer gets you noticed when you start selling this gear to big global customers.
David Whittaker, Corsa Technology