DataStealth is a data protection platform that applies data protection policies to network traffic in real-time, on the fly.

From a technical perspective, DataStealth inspects network traffic at the packet level, extracts data that matches the Data Protection Policy, replaces the extracted data with substitutes to be sent downstream, and secures the original data using a unique secure storage methodology.

From a business perspective, DataStealth takes your organizations privacy, compliance, governance and regulatory requirements, and combines them with our tokenization, anonymization and encryption technologies to create a Data Protection Policy, which is then applied to all network traffic passing through DataStealth.

The original data elements can be restored at any point in the future, but only for authorized users, and for authorized use cases.

The real data isn’t transmitted or stored downstream of DataStealth. In the event of a network breach, there is no sensitive data for an intruder to steal.