Driving Open Cloud Innovation in Canada

Open networking encourages innovation through collaboration. It places power in the hands of end users, giving them unrestricted access to interoperable hardware and software. Open specifications and the reference code also allow vendors to leverage external networking competencies to formulate and commercialize new technologies at a rapid pace. Within a few years, the open source community in Canada has produced several breakthrough projects in cloud, NFV, SDN, and big data analytics. As the global tech sector continues to evolve, it is possible that a switchover from closed to open networks will be essential to Canada’s high-tech economy. With this decision comes many potential challenges and benefits. This panel will explore the growing importance of open networking as well as its role in driving creative, scientific and technological advancement in Canada’s tech sector.


Cliff Grossner, Sr. Research Director & Advisor, IHS Markit


Ron Breault, Director, NFV Product Line Management, Wind River
Stephen Finn, Chief Operating Officer, NOCLand
Tamer Shenouda,Director, Network Transformation, Bell
Christian Szpilfogel, VP, Strategy, Contact Centres & IPR, Mitel