Innovation Ecosystem: Breaking Through the $100 Million Revenue Barrier

Strategies to Help Canadian Companies Scale, Go Global, and Dominate the Market

Canada is a nation built on small and medium-sized businesses, and technological innovation. Many companies hit $50 million in sales revenues and then plateau, or exit through acquisition. Only a few homegrown Canadian tech companies achieve global revenues that exceed $100 million.  How can we help our most promising technology firms scale-up – not just start-up – and lead global markets? What can we do to accelerate the growth of our highest potential tech companies, and help them break through the $100 million ceiling?  As importantly, how do we keep these innovative firms in Canada to create more jobs, and generate even greater wealth and prosperity?

This panel will explore the unique needs, opportunities and challenges facing high growth tech companies in all stages of development, from launch to scale-up, and strategies to help these firms overcome key barriers and achieve global commercial success. This includes the creation of an ecosystem that provides the right access to R&D capabilities, technical and C-suite talent, customer and investor linkages, and funding opportunities.


Blair Patacairk, Managing Director, Invest Ottawa


Director, Global Investment Banking, RBC Capital Markets
John Kadianos, CEO, Breqwatr
Peter Wilenius, VP, Business Development, CANARIE
Bernie Zeisig, Managing Partner, Mistral Venture Partners