Security technologies encompass the tools and programs used to protect identity, assets, and technology of individuals and organizations. Shifts in next generation networking (NGN) such as virtualization, cloud-based solutions, and the proliferation of IoT applications have increased the demand for more powerful security solutions. As network technology continues to progress, so do potential threats to network security. We work with Canadian SMEs to test and validate innovative approaches to network security, which will ensure modern and future networks remain protected from cyberattacks.

Project Scenarios in Security 

  • Building more secure virtualized environments for asset management.
  • Advancing virtualized security functions.
  • Improving security algorithms in network links.
  • Enhancing multifactor authentication for wireless networks.

The CENGN Advantage

We’ll work with you to validate your security solutions and products, giving you access to the CENGN infrastructure and our organization’s expert services. The CENGN Infrastructure includes our secure shell (SSH) enabled remote authentication server, which can be leveraged for most types of security testing. We also have a team of experts who have been involved in deploying extensive scalability tests for network and cloud security projects that will help see your project to successful completion. Let us help bring your next-generation network security solution to the forefront of ICT.


Data Centre and Cloud Solution AreasAreas of Advancement in Data Centre/Cloud
Big-data approaches to IPS (Intrusion Prevention System) and IDS (Intrusion Detection System) analyticsWith the increase of next-generation trends and technologies, comes the need to manage and deploy distributed security policies that can ensure protection within an enterprise. Currently, there are many big data approaches to network security, including:

Cloud-based IPS/IDS innovations that allow IPS and IDS to be compatible with both an on-premises network and a cloud environment.

Data leakage prevention (DLP) solutions detect potential breaches by monitoring data at rest, in use and in motion.
Next Generation Firewall IDS and IPSNext generation firewalls combine aspects of network filtering functionalities such as IDS and IPS with traditional firewall technology.

For example, a next generation firewall with packet filtering and IPS can prevent complex hacking and malware attacks on cloud services for data in transit and data at rest.
Cloud/Data CentreSince large clouds are dispersed in data centres around the world, they can identify security intelligence that can be used to track security threats. Security and scalability solutions such as encryption are crucial to cloud networks and data centres as they contain vast amounts of sensitive information.

NetworkNetwork security solutions prevent and monitor unauthorized access of computer networks and network resources. Multifactor authentication and authorization provides additional layers of network security.

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