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Internet of Things (IoT)

What is It?

IoT refers to the ever-growing network of devices for internet connectivity and the communication that occurs between internet enabled devices and systems – think of your cellphone, tablet, or a smart car all talking to each other. IoT solutions use these devices to drive hyper-connectivity that can monitor, analyze, and push action on products, materials, and assets in ways that can improve organizations’ processes, as well as the everyday lives of the public.

Project Scenarios

  • Building more efficient and powerful IoT gateways.
  • Integrating IoT gateways and cloud applications.
  • Improving the accuracy and volume of data that can be collected through IoT sensors.

The CENGN Advantage

A CENGN project helps validate your IoT solutions by giving you access to our technical resources and unique cloud infrastructure. Our infrastructure includes a long range low power wide area network (LoRa LP-WAN) antenna and gateway. By leveraging this technology, you can validate your IoT solutions and applications in a real-world setting, using your companies IoT hardware and software.

IoT Solution AreaAreas of Advancement in IoT
Smart Home
Smart homes allow home appliances to be conveniently controlled and automated through internet connection.
Home electricity consumption can be more efficiently managed with smart meters that track and communicate information.
Smart HVAC and lighting systems improve occupancy comfort and save on energy costs.
Air quality control can be monitored with IoT sensors that detect changes in the air.
Smart Cities
Smart cities aim to integrate information and communication technology (ICT) to improve the efficiency of every day processes in a community.
IoT sensors in traffic lights can intelligently improve traffic management by tracking and analyzing traffic data.
Environment management with IoT can encompass anything from monitoring water levels, to waste patterns that help cities better manage supplies and optimize sustainability.
Smart Agriculture
With the ever-growing population, smart farming is an IoT solution that helps to strategically increase crop and livestock production.
Precision agriculture uses IoT to divide large fields into small manageable zones and determine how to best plant crops in different field environments.
In-ground sensors can monitor soil conditions to provide farmers with the information needed to efficiently manage their fields.
IoT technology can track livestock vitals to help farmers manage livestock health.
Connected farm machineries can communicate with each other to optimize interoperability and autonomous processes.
Health Care
Technological IoT advances in smart health care provide convenient diagnostic and monitoring of bodily functions and ailments.
Smart health monitoring systems such as vital sign monitors can help prevent fatal health occurrences.
Ingestible sensors, also known as smart pills, perform functions that range from notifying you if a family member took their daily pills to taking internal photos of the intestinal tract.
Autonomous Vehicles and Systems
You’ve seen cars that can drive themselves in movies, but with IoT technology, autonomous vehicles are on the fast track to becoming common place.
For those who manage fleets of vehicles such as delivery companies, IoT technology can efficiently monitor driving patterns to optimize driving performance and routes.
Autonomous vehicles have reaction times faster than humans that can optimize speed control and management.
Autonomous vehicles and systems will be able to monitor in real-time the most efficient routes and speeds not only for safety and timeliness, but also for environmental factors, like carbon footprints and resource sustainability.

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September 29, 2021

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Water Quality Information in Real Time

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