Infrastructure Services

CENGN Infrastructure Services Are The Key Technical Resources Provided to Each Accepted Project.

Our infrastructure services provide you with the technology needed to validate your solutions and push your products to market. One unique aspect of our infrastructure is its adaptability. Each service can be customized to be used together or by itself as per the demands of the project. Our infrastructure is also flexible on the size of the project and can be changed based on the requirements for the proof-of-concept’s validation and demonstration. By working in collaboration with us, you are empowered to bring innovation to the ICT sector at a much faster rate.

Smart Living Labs

The CENGN Testbed includes Living Labs, real testing environments for sector specific technologies. Through our Smart Mining and Smart Greenhouse Living Labs, we provide innovative tech businesses real-world connected mining and greenhouse facilities to validate their products. By providing these working environments, CENGN enables Canadian tech companies to commercialize their products.

Learn more about our industry specific programs through our Smart Agriculture Program page and Smart Mining Program page.

Cloud Tenancy

We host a multi-vendor cloud infrastructure, offering cloud tenancy services for the entirety of the project. These cloud tenancies are accessible through online log-in and provide an isolated project space, secure from other CENGN projects, members and partners.

Hardware Hosting Services

We offer a supplementary hardware hosting service that works in conjunction with our cloud tenancy services. With this add-on service, if a project requires a specific device to be connected to the applications and/or software running in the tenancy, we can host the device in our facility and provide a network connection to the tenancy.

Artificial Intelligence Services

We provide the industry’s highest-performance data centre-grade GPUs for CENGN projects.  These GPUs can be provisioned as part of bare-metal systems or virtual machines.

Bare Metal Services

We also offer bare metal as an optional add-on. If required to optimize the success rate of a project, a bare metal server will be provided for testing.