Through our commercial-grade infrastructure, technical expertise, and globally recognized ecosystem of partners, CENGN helps Canadian small and medium enterprises overcome commercialization barriers and grow. This is accomplished by providing businesses with the infrastructure technology to test their products while our team assists in the development, execution, and exposure of each company’s commercialization project.

CENGN also drives the talent development of Canada’s communications sector. Through CENGN Academy our organization provides the courses required for professionals at every level of the industry to acquire the most relevant skills and knowledge in networking and cloud computing. Another way CENGN contributes to talent growth is through our robust student program. Every semester we hire 10-12 top quality student interns who strengthen their new expertise by tackling exciting challenges that make a real impact on our organization.

Explore how you can benefit from CENGN services:

Master cloud native with the experts

Master cloud native with the experts. CENGN Academy has the courses you need to further your career development in network engineering

Commercialization Projects

CENGN commercialization services allow small to medium size Canadian tech businesses to validate and test their innovative networking solutions and products, allowing for faster commercialization and market growth

CENGN Professional Services

CENGN’s professional services offer industry leading containerization and virtualization expertise, testing as a service, as well as a world class production grade platform to any organization on the path to cloud native transformation.

Student Program

CENGN student interns work on the cutting edge of communication technology and network infrastructure, enhancing their skills under the mentorship of industry-leading professionals 

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