CENGN Infrastructure

The CENGN Testbed is One of The Most Innovative And Unique Network of Labs in Canada

All CENGN projects are carried out through the multisite CENGN Testbed. The unique multi-vendor physical and virtualized network enables companies to validate and test at scale new and emerging SDN and NFV technologies, cloud platform solutions, end-to-end IoT deployments and more for commercialization or direct industry adoption.

Building CENGN’s Pan-Canadian Living Lab Network

CENGN is currently expanding the CENGN Testbed to be a pan-Canadian multi-Living Lab infrastructure leveraging sensor, AI/ML, and data-based applications for Canada’s key economic sectors. This network of Living Labs will provide real testing environments and expertise for innovative startups and scaleups to collaborate with industry adopters and validate transformative solutions that improve operational costs, efficiency, and sustainability. With this initiative, CENGN will support the growth of innovative Canadian SMEs, highly qualified personnel jobs, GDP, and Canada’s leadership in digital transformation technology.

More details will be coming soon on CENGN’s pan-Canadian Living Lab Infrastructure. Email contact@cengn.ca if you have any questions.

Our Priority is Your Privacy and Security

  • All infrastructure within Canada, no data leaves national borders
  • Mutual non-disclosure agreement
  • Intellectual property protection
  • Secure Infrastructure
  • Isolated project space, secure from other projects, Members and partners

Technical Details
CENGN Infrastructure Technical Details