Cloud Testing Services

What is Cloud Testing?

Cloud testing uses 3rd party cloud computing resources to test software applications allowing organizations to ensure that their software functions as needed. Compared to traditional on-premises testing, cloud testing takes the entire process online and provides organizations all the resources needed to properly test a solution.

Some benefits of cloud testing include:

  • Identifying how many users your software can handle with quality performance
  • Revealing areas to improve your software’s performance
  • Finding the required resources to improve performance
  • Demonstrating that your software works based on a potential client’s needs
  • Identifying how your software will run on a new service, resource, or platform
  • Gaining an understanding of how your solution’s resource requirements scale as the number of users increases


CENGN provides numerous types of cloud testing services to help you identify what your product/service needs to move up and into the marketplace.

Stress Testing

Stress testing measures beyond your solution’s normal operational capacity. This type of testing pushes your solution’s limits to see how it’ll perform.

Scalability Testing

Scalability testing measures the capabilities of the complete system through incremental increases of demand (scaling out and scaling up). This will identify limitations of components or the system as a whole and gauge the demand the current system can support.

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Functionality Testing

Functionality testing determines the functionality of a specific component in your solution/product under vigorous conditions to identify shortcomings and bottlenecks. This helps you identify if the component behaves as expected or if there is room for improvements/optimization.

Interoperability Testing

Interoperability testing determines whether your solution can function on a new service/resource or be service/resource agnostic (no dependency on specific resources to operate). This includes migration between different services or deployment on miscellaneous environments to determine if your solution adapts to a new environment without any restrictions.

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Resource Requirement Testing

Resource Requirement testing identifies the most optimal hardware and software requirements for your solution or any of its components. This includes determining cloud offerings vs local infrastructures, CPUs vs GPUs, HDD vs SSD, the ideal quantity of resources (cores, ram and disk storage), and etc.

Demonstration Testing

Demonstration testing determines if your solution can operate at a high level. This test provides proof to stakeholders and the industry that the current state of your technology is complete and safe for public use.

Benchmark Testing

Benchmark testing identifies if your solution meets a specific goal prior to execution. This test determines if your solution meets a strict standard.

AI Training

AI training improves the accuracy and speed of results by testing your algorithm’s efficiencies and improving upon them.

Looking to test your cloud solution?

CENGN is a Canadian not-for-profit that helps small and medium sized tech enterprises to validate their solutions to overcome entry barriers into the marketplace.

A CENGN project provides companies access to CENGN’s commercial-grade testbed and network testing expertise from our experienced team of engineers who have managed over 250 commercial tech validation projects.

Contact to learn how you can validate your solution for the market through a CENGN project.

CENGN also provides hardware hosting services and access to Living Labs that enable real commercial environments for testing physical devices and IoT deployments.

Project Case Studies

Browse to learn more about the companies that CENGN has worked with, their innovative solutions, and how a CENGN project fit on their path for commercial growth.

July 15, 2022


Revolutionizing Access to Geospatial and Geological Data in Underground Mines

RockMass is a mining and geosciences technology startup focused on data capturing and mapping for technical services. Their technology improves safety in underground environments, labour efficiency, optimized analysis for ground support design, block modeling and mine planning.

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July 14, 2022

Vivid Machines

Revolutionizing Fruit Production with Vivid X-Vision

The Vivid X-Vision system captures plant-level data to see plants’ chemical and physical properties, help with early-stage issue detection and automated counting and sizing of fruitlets through yield prediction.

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July 12, 2022

Mien Tzu

Full-Experience Event Hosting on a Virtual Face-to-Face Platform

Mien Tzu is a revolutionary communication platform that provides full-service event support and is designed to help engage face-to-face networking in the virtual world.

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