Business Support

Receive business and product management services in
addition to our technical commercialization support
Demo Showcasing & Event Support

CENGN leverages its local and worldwide connections to give Canadian startups and scale ups who have done a CENGN project international exposure. This is done by showcasing these companies and their solutions at different local and international conferences and summits.

CENGN attends key industry trade shows and international missions. In addition, we organize marquee events, like the annual CENGN Summit and regular meet-ups, which bring together top leaders in next generation networking from all levels of government, academia, and industry. These events allow for tech businesses to continue learning, and make meaningful connections with key players in the ICT sector.

Our Connections

Access to our Commercialization Committee

A project at CENGN provides your company exposure to the CENGN commercialization committee and our member companies. The commercialization committee is comprised of multi-national vendors and service providers, industry partners, government organizations, and academia. If your business completes a project at CENGN you gain promotional benefits in three main ways.

Project Overview

When the project application is accepted, the project overview is presented to CENGN’s member companies giving our members the opportunity to partner with your company on the project.

Website Exposure

Company Profile page created on CENGN website and logo added to company directory page. CENGN site is interlinked with project company.

Innovation Highlight

High level overview of company, product, project and results in shareable PDF. PDF is published on website and promoted on social media and newsletter.

Both the Website Exposure and Innovation Highlight are promoted to our network consisting of thousands of people in the ICT sector and CENGN community.

Partnership Project Opportunities

When a project application is submitted, a project charter is drafted and reviewed by our member companies. Our member companies can then choose to collaborate on the project with the project company offering insights and development opportunities to the project company throughout the course of the project.

Third Party Validation

Validating your solution at CENGN brings improvements and efficiencies to your product, access to an OpenStack Testbed, and a set of project results that can be used as marketing material. Testing the functionality and scalability of your product on CENGN’s world-class infrastructure is an opportunity to not only improve your solution but also receive CENGN’s technical expertise, project management, and business support. Upon completion of a project at CENGN, you will be able to prove that your product is ready for market and can support your clients’ needs.

Students for Hire

CENGN has access to the top tech talent in Canada through our internship programs and our connections with universities across the country. Engineers hired at CENGN go through a rigorous 4-week certification program at the beginning of their work term. The students undergo boot camps on Linux, Python, OpenStack, Kubernetes, and much more. Students who have completed a co-op term at CENGN have hands-on work experience in addition to their university education and are then ready to start their career in the ICT sector. Both our members and commercialization project companies have access to this rich talent pool for students in engineering, product management, marketing, and finance.

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