Canada’s 5G Innovation Hub

Digitization through Collaboration

The 5G Innovation Hub is a partnership between TELUS, CENGN and Kanata North’s Hub350, with the goal of accelerating digital adoption, new product innovation, and commercialization in Canada through the growing 5G network capability coast to coast.

The Hub enables Canadian public and private enterprises to work with service experts and innovators on projects that leverage 5G, Internet of Things (IoT), edge computing, and private wireless network technologies to validate the commercial use of digital solutions. Projects will target critical sectors for digital adoption, like public safety, transportation, healthcare, manufacturing, resources, agriculture, and enterprise productivity.

Featured Opportunities – Video Analytics

5G networks, paired with edge computing, allow for the greater resolution and faster response times needed to enable the next generation of video analytics. The 5G Innovation Hub is currently seeking potential enterprise customers, technology providers, and solution partners to investigate and validate new solutions for:

Quality inspection of goods in production

Inspections play a major role in the quality assurance of products preparing for market delivery. From agri-food to the development of machinery and hardware, industry across Canada requires more efficient and improved inspection systems. Enabled by 5G and AI/ML, video analytics can provide improved decision making throughout the supply chain.

Call to Customers: Can your organization benefit from integrating 5G empowered video analytics into their quality control inspection system?

Call to Innovators & Solution Partners: Does your organization have a video analytics product that can provide real-time quality control inspections?

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Safety monitoring in critical people and infrastructure zones

5G has enabled the bandwidth to effectively launch real-time high resolution video across connected areas.  This is especially useful for areas requiring enhanced security like airports, urban gathering points, work sites, businesses, and critical infrastructure locations.

Digital solutions leveraging the latest technology in video analytics can provide better detection of threats and enhanced notifications, including sending real time alerts in the case of an emergency.

Call to Customers: Can your organization benefit from integrating 5G empowered video analytics into its current security system?

Call to Innovators & Solution Partners: Does your organization have a video analytics application that can provide real-time safety monitoring?

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Open Call for Projects

Can your organization benefit from a 5G Innovation Hub Project?

The 5G Innovation Hub supports the testing of 5G solutions across all use cases and sectors.  If your organization is looking to take advantage of these technologies or has developed a solution/product in one of the following technologies, please reach out to our team!

  • Mission Critical Communications
  • Autonomous Vehicles
  • Automation & Robotics
  • Video Analytics
  • AR/VR
  • Asset Tracking
  • Monitoring

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If you are interested in taking part in a 5G Innovation Hub project please fill out the following form

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Challenge Stakeholders

Each 5G Innovation Hub Project is facilitated through the collaboration of different stakeholders coming together to fully test and validate the commercial readiness of a digital solution for a critical sector.

Customer (Generally a larger enterprise)Work with experts on needs analysis as potential end customer of the solution under validation• Have a digital solution validated for integration in a secure sandbox environment
• Gain access to robust 5G infrastructure and expertise to develop digital solutions to your custom needs
• Become part of a global innovation ecosystem and lead your sector in digital adoption
Solution PartnerImplement solution for commercial validation• Each project is a direct sales opportunity with large customers and TELUS
• Gain access to a commercial 5G sandbox infrastructure and expertise to validate your solution at enterprise scale
• Expand your brand as a digital solution innovator
Middleware PartnersProvides supporting technology for project• Each project is a direct sales opportunity with large customers and TELUS
• Collaborate with 5G and Advanced Networking leaders to understand how new digital technologies are being applied in Canada’s critical sectors
• Strengthen your role in the global innovation ecosystem and lead digital adoption across Canada
TELUS and CENGNLeadership and operations of the 5G Innovation HUB and projects• Growing the Canadian innovation economy through accelerated digital technology validation and adoption
• Building a more robust Canadian ecosystem enabling collaboration between all levels of technology and sectors
• Applying the strength of digital capabilities to answer the world’s most pressing social challenges


What happens upon the form submission and how long before I am contacted?

All form submissions will be reviewed and responded to within two business days by the CENGN Business Development team.   If appropriate a call will be arranged to answer all the applicants questions, explain the capability and role of the 5G Innovation Hub, and the application process for Innovation HUB projects.

Is there a deadline for submission or is this an ongoing process? 

There is no deadline to be a part of the program.  Submissions are accepted and reviewed on a case by case basis. New projects will be initiated based on priorities and capacity of the program.  Once a new Project is initiated there will be time bound calls for participants to join.

The 5G Innovation Hub was created by TELUS, in partnership with CENGN and Kanata North’s Hub350, to drive emerging technology advancement and commercialization in Canada.

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