As an open source project, OPNFV is uniquely positioned to bring together the work of standards bodies, open source communities, and commercial suppliers to deliver a de facto NFV platform for the industry. The reference platform is made up of a set of software artifacts and a methodology. By integrating components from upstream projects, the community is able to conduct performance and use case-based testing on a variety of solutions to ensure the platform’s suitability for NFV use cases. OPNFV works upstream with other open source communities to bring both contributions and learnings from its work directly to those communities in the form of blueprints, patches, and new code.

OPNFV builds NFV Infrastructure (NFVI) and Virtualized Infrastructure Management (VIM) by integrating components from upstream projects such as OpenDaylight, ONOS, OpenStack, Ceph, KVM, Open vSwitch, and Linux. OPNFV includes a portfolio of forwarding solutions to include, DPDK, and ODP, is able to run on both Intel and ARM commercial and white-box hardware, and includes Management and Network Orchestration (MANO) components primarily for application composition and management.

We’re fostering a diverse community of developers who bring different needs, ideas and knowledge to the table. This means faster time to market and stronger code. We hope you’ll join OPNFV as we work together to affect the game-changing networking transformation that is NFV.