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Thank you for your interest in our summer courses! Please note that our summer student courses applications are closed. Applications will be reviewed on June 28th and our instructors will get back to you during that week.

As COVID-19 continues, students have taken a direct hit to their educations and ability to find work.

This summer, CENGN is offering a choice of 3 different courses (valued at $2600) for 30 students in ICT-related programs to take free of charge. Whether in university or college, these 30 students will be given free access to an ICT-related CENGN Academy course. After completing their course, students will be able to try the badge exam; those that pass can post their badges on LinkedIn, indicating that they’re qualified and worker-ready.

Seats are limited to only 30 students in total so choose your course and sign up below!

Docker and Kubernetes Basics
Infrastructure as Code
Machine Learning with Python
Docker and Kubernetes Badge
Infrastructure as Code Digital Badge
Machine Learning with Python Badge
Apply By: June 25, 2021

Apply to Docker and Kubernetes Basics

Apply By: June 25, 2021

Apply to Infrastructure as Code

Apply By: June 25, 2021

Apply to Machine Learning with Python

Start Dates: July 5, 2021 or August 3, 2021

Start Date: July 5, 2021

Start Date: August 3, 2021

Course Topics:

  • Explain key container concepts

  • Compare virtual machines and containers

  • Manage Docker containers via Docker Hub

  • Modify a running Docker container and commit changes

  • Describe Kubernetes components such as pods, worker nodes and master nodes

  • Create a single-node Kubernetes cluster

  • Define standard Kubernetes objects using manifest files

  • Use Kubernetes labels and selectors to group objects and organize clusters

  • Troubleshoot Kubernetes manifest files

Course Topics:

  • Describe Infrastructure as Code and infrastructure automation

  • Explain the benefits and limitations of IaC

  • Compare and contrast key open-source and provider IaC tools

  • Consider how to select task-appropriate tools

  • Demonstrate basic hands-on skills with Puppet and Chef

  • Build, automate and update a Terraform VM deployment

  • Network and troubleshoot Terraform deployments

  • Install Ansible, and create and run playbooks

  • Work with advanced Ansible features such as modules, roles, facts and variables

Course Topics:

  • Recognize the key concepts, best practices, and applications of machine learning

  • Identify the most widely used machine learning algorithms and discuss their strengths and weaknesses.

  • Describe basic machine learning principles such as classification, regression, clustering, association learning, and dimensionality reduction.

  • Recall Python fundamentals, including basic syntax, variables, and types.

  • Build, train, and evaluate the performance of machine learning models using Python and its associated libraries.

  • Select the appropriate machine learning model for a given problem.

  • Perform exploratory data analysis on a dataset to detect anomalies and to summarize its main characteristics.

If you're new to Cloud and DevOps, we recommend Docker & Kubernetes Basics.
If you have some experience with containerization and Kubernetes, we recommend Infrastructure as Code.
If you're interested in programming and data science, we recommend Machine Learning with Python.
Suggested for Students Interested in Becoming:

  • A Software Engineer or Architect

  • A Network Engineer or Architect

  • A Cloud Engineer or Architect

  • A Cloud Team Manager

Suggested for Students Interested in Becoming:

  • A Network Engineer or Manager

  • A Cloud Engineer or Manager

  • A Product Manager

Suggested for Students Interested in Becoming:

  • A Software developer/engineer/architect starting with ML

  • A Software team lead or manager overseeing ML teams

Hours Needed to Complete the Course
Hours Needed to Complete the Course
Hours Needed to Complete the Course

Contact academy@cengn.ca for more info