CENGN Academy

Welcome to CENGN Academy! CENGN is in a unique position to deliver a training program that offers you the knowledge and skills on the latest technologies in next generation networking and the Information Communications Technology (ICT) sector. Through the support of our members and partners such as Cisco, Juniper Networks, the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, and many others, our list of workshops can provide you with training on emerging and in-demand technologies.

Public Workshops

Docker & Kubernetes Workshop – CNI Edition

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Private Workshops

Interested in dedicated training for your company? CENGN Academy offers private deliveries of our workshops. Contact academy@cengn.ca for more information.

Academic Offerings

CENGN Academy, in conjunction with its partners, has training offerings designed to fit the needs and schedules of students and faculty at universities and colleges across Canada. Contact academy@cengn.ca for more information.

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