CENGN Congratulates OPNFV’s Danube Release!

On April 4th, 2017, OPNFV shared big news with the industry about the release of their fourth, most recent project; Danube. This new project couldn’t have been established without OPNFV’s unique ground-breaking upgrades, and we are excited to be part of the success first hand!

Due to the growing demand for more active networks, there has also been an increase in demand for more technologies, like network function virtualization (NFV), to bring the scale and flexibility of the cloud architecture to networking. One of the main intentions of OPNFV, when creating this project, was to be able to automate both the testing process to ensure faster and more agile development. The new OPNFV Danube, is the only platform currently in the industry that has the capabilities of building and integrating features that support Management and Orchestration across multiple open networking stacks.

and OPNFV have been in partnership since 2015 and share many common objectives and goals for the technology industry. CENGN joined OPNFV as the first associate member, and since then CENGN’s CEO and President, Ritch Dusome was granted the title of OPNFV Ambassador.

Throughout the past 3 years, CENGN has been involved in contributing to OPNFV’s goals and providing the necessary support for cutting-edge innovation and proof of concepts in NFV technology. In fact, CENGN and OPNFV have collaborated on many incredible projects like Fast Data Stacks, Pharos, JOID, and StorPerf. With this new OPNFV release, CENGN is looking forward to working together with the OPNFV community on the various new projects that will shape the new release.

This opportunity has been great news for CENGN, as well as our members, as it will allow for access to the most innovative NFV technologies in the industry today! CENGN is thrilled to see OPNFV succeed with its new project launch and is looking forward to continuing the collaboration for years to come!

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