CENGN Announces New Northern Ontario Broadband Services in Carling Township


CENGN is pleased to announce the availability of new high-speed internet service offerings available in Carling Township. These services were established through an innovative project that brings high-performance broadband access to underserved homes in the community.

The project showcases a cost-effective approach to reaching underserved communities with lowered fibre-to-the-home installation costs. Northern communities across the province will be able to benefit from the low-cost service expansion blueprints utilized in this project. This project is part of CENGN’s Northern Ontario Residential Broadband program.

The CENGN-funded Carling Township project saw internet service provider Vianet build a new tower to support a range of Fixed Wireless Access internet access options, and install a 4 km fibre ring to enable new Fibre-to-the-Home offerings. The West Parry Sound Smart Community Network has also been a key partner in this project working with Vianet and providing access to an existing tower in the community that will support the new services.

Learn more about Vianet’s implementation of these broadband services and the impact they have on the community by watching the video below:

Vianet is offering the following new services in Carling Township as part of this project:


“CENGN began its Northern Ontario Residential Broadband Program by funding the Carling Township project.  As the first of its kind, I am pleased to see the successful launch of high speed, reliable and affordable internet access services to the residents in Carling Township,” said Jean-Charles Fahmy, President and CEO of CENGN. “I applaud Vianet and the West Parry Sound SMART Community Network for their close collaboration in addressing the connectivity gap for residents and building a stronger local economy.”

“For too long, communities across Northern Ontario have lacked access to reliable broadband internet and cellular connectivity. Strong digital connectivity has never been more essential, and its importance has been magnified during the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Vic Fedeli, Minister of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade. “This innovative new project by CENGN in Carling Township will mean secure and reliable connectivity solutions for those who live and work in the region, providing a wealth of new opportunities for growth.”

Carling Township Landscape
Carling Township Landscape

“Now more than ever we see the importance of broadband in underserved and unserved communities like Carling Township,” said Laurie Scott, Minister of Infrastructure.  “The digital divide is real and magnified during this COVID 19 global pandemic.  I understand this full well coming from a rural community. This investment continues to build on Ontario’s commitment to connecting people reducing that digital divide.  We are moving as fast as we can to get people the services that they need.”

“I am so pleased to see another successful broadband project launched in our region.  The project was spearheaded by West Parry Sound SMART Community Network and will bring high-speed internet to approximately 800 homes in Carling Township” said Norm Miller, MPP for Parry Sound Muskoka. “Through the combination of a fibre backbone and fixed wireless services this project demonstrates a unique and effective way to bring service to northern and rural communities. I am grateful to CENGN and Vianet for their investment, and to the Township of Carling for their support.   I am especially grateful to the volunteers of West Parry Sound SMART Community Network for their tireless work to address the service gaps in West Parry Sound.  This project, as I understand it, will enable several other projects in the region, which will be a game-changer for our area.”

“The launch of this high-speed reliable internet project in Carling is excellent news.  These are the kinds of projects that rural Canada needs to address the rural digital divide. The internet service to Carling will bring speeds at the benchmark set by the CRTC” said Parry Sound – Muskoka MP Scott Aitchison.  “I would like to express my appreciation to CENGN and to Vianet for their respective investments, and to the West Parry Sound SMART Community Network for bringing this project, the first of several, to West Parry Sound.”

“Carling Township is excited to see the launch of this high-speed internet service, and on behalf of our residents wish to thank CENGN, Vianet, and the West Parry Sound SMART team for their collaboration in bringing this project to Carling,” said Mike Konaval, Mayor of Carling Township.

Carling -Fibre to the Home Diagram
Carling -Fibre to the Home Diagram

“West Parry Sound SMART Community Network is extremely pleased with the launch of Vianet’s high-speed internet services in Carling Township. The fibre service will reach up to 300 homes and the fixed wireless service will reach an additional 517 homes and businesses within 5 km of the tower, along with potentially another 80 homes within 8 km of the tower.  This project addresses approx. 50% of the residents in Carling Township” said Lis McWalter, Chair of the West Parry Sound SMART Community Network Inc. “Local residents have long suffered with inferior internet service of typically only speeds of 5 Mbps down and 1 Mbps up.  We thank CENGN and Vianet for their investment in Carling Township, and their teams for their great collaboration. We also would like to thank the local residents for their support and patience during construction.  We look forward to expanding this service to other areas throughout the township in the near future.”

“Vianet is excited to see that this project is now up and operational. We are delivering on our promise to bring quality internet to rural Ontarians, and feel this project is something we can build upon to reach more homes in need of better broadband,” said Brian McCullagh, Director of Business Development at Vianet. “Again, we would like to thank CENGN, West Parry Sound SMART Community Network, and the Township of Carling for their continued support through the building stages of this network.”

Gloria, a new customer on the FTTH network in Carling township, said “I just had fibre optics to the home installed by Vianet and I couldn’t be happier! This new internet access service is already changing our lives unbelievably.”

This project is part of the Next Generation Network Program (NGNP), an Ontario government program powered by CENGN in partnership with the Ontario Centres of Excellence, which helps Ontario companies develop and demonstrate new wired and wireless technology, products and services. Other projects in the program are focused on smart miningsmart agriculture and autonomous vehicles.



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