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Ottawa, Canada, June 22, 2016 – CENGN, Canada’s Centre of Excellence in Next Generation Networks (NGN), a leader in the rapid commercialization of NGN products, applications and services; Juniper Networks, an industry leader in automated, scalable and secure networks; and Inocybe Technologies, the leading pure-play OpenDaylight company, today conducted the first live demonstration of its Open Smart City Infrastructure and Services proof-of-concept (PoC) project at the 2016 OPNFV Summit in Berlin, Germany.

Smart cities put information and communications technologies (ICT) to work in novel and secure ways to manage municipal assets and services, increasing the efficiency of city operations, improving the quality of life for its citizens, and growing the local economy. Leveraging critical financial and technical support from CENGN, Inocybe and Juniper Networks demonstrated new Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV) shared, end-to-end smart infrastructure with on-demand service provider and end-user self-provisioning portals.

Combining technology from Juniper Networks and Inocybe Technologies, this new solution is highly differentiated from the traditional approach to network management.

“Juniper has built an architecture for ‘smart cities’ and the Internet of Things that allows application developers to harness the raw power of the underlying network through programmable APIs,” said Mike Marcellin, CMO of Juniper Networks. “The solution utilizes the Juniper Networks Contrail SDN Controller and Contrail Service Orchestrator for automated and operationally simplified orchestration of virtualized network functions. We’re looking forward to further collaborating with CENGN and Inocybe to enable cities to build smart infrastructure and improve the quality of life of their citizens.”

Employing infrastructure as a service (IaaS) cloud computing services, SDN and NFV technologies, the platform creates ‘network slices’ that guarantee isolation from the underlying hardware, and puts new capabilities directly in the hands of network managers and their customers.

“This comprehensive solution emerged from years of Inocybe R&D on open access networks enabling the delivery of smarter, more efficient and cost-effective city services to citizens,” said Mathieu Lemay, President and CEO of Inocybe Technologies. “Inocybe’s OpenDaylight-powered Data Utility Controller creates ‘virtual network elements’ that allow multiple service providers to independently operate and manage their individual slice of the network through a service provider provisioning portal. The end-user self-provisioning portal allows users to request and obtain on-demand Smart City services. It creates a winning value proposition for network managers, their customers and municipalities.”

“This project directly supports CENGN’s mandate by leveraging novel SDN and NFV technologies from two Canadian NGN leaders to address key societal challenges,” said Ritch Dusome, President and CEO of CENGN. “Together with CENGN, Inocybe Technologies and Juniper Networks have created a commercial solution that will help make smart cities a reality. It promises to improve the management of community services from schools to transportation systems, hospitals, power, water and waste management, and law enforcement. It will deliver long-term economic and social benefits to regions that employ this technology.”

About CENGN – Canada’s Centre of Excellence in Next Generation Networks
Canada’s Centre of Excellence in Next Generation Networks (CENGN), is a consortium of industry, academic and research leaders dedicated to accelerating the commercialization of next generation communications solutions. CENGN’s internationally recognized testing centre employs interoperability between multiple software and hardware products. Our state of the art physical and virtual multi-vendor, test, certification and validation platform provides a unique environment to commercialize advanced products, applications and services. Members include: Allstream, Cisco, EWA Canada, EXFO, Fujitsu, Invest Ottawa, Juniper Networks, NOKIA, Rogers, TELUS, Viavi and Wind River. For more information visit www.cengn.com

About Inocybe Technologies
Inocybe Technologies Inc. is the number one pure-play OpenDaylight company, delivering all the software, services, training and support needed for running OpenDaylight. Among the top five companies worldwide in contributing open source software to OpenDaylight, Inocybe has helped build and deploy 12% of Global OpenDaylight deployments. Inocybe Technologies is privately held and has been a pioneer in user empowered networking research since 2005. For additional information follow us @inocybetech or visit: http://www.inocybe.com.

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