ABsoft Completes CENGN Project to Validate LoRaSQ

CENGN recently completed a project with another high-growth Canadian business. For the past four weeks, ABsoft and CENGN combined their expertise to validate ABsoft’s LoRaSQ  on CENGN’s infrastructure. The LoRaSQ is a bundle of hardware and software that is easy and cost-effective for LoRaWAN providers to assess their network coverage performance. This drive-testing solution is comprised of four main components: A Field Explorer, an iOS Client Application, an Advanced Analytics Reporting Tool, and the LoRaSQ Managed Cloud Service. LoRaWAN providers test the quality of their networks at different location points by driving multiple Field Explorers around the geography of the LoRaWAN. The Field Explorer is controlled through an iOS application and real-time data can be viewed from the users’ smartphone. The data provided on the smartphone is then sent to LoRaSQ’s cloud storage for further analysis of the LoRaWAN capabilities. Data from each Field Explorer is saved in cloud-storage and is readily-available for LoRaWAN providers to get a full-picture view of the LoRaWANs performance.

ABsoft came to CENGN to have their LoRaSQ drive-testing solution validated on CENGN’s infrastructure, proving the LoRaSQ could be deployed on a real-world production-based network environment. The project was successful as each component of the LoRaSQ solution was tested and validated providing insights on the compatibility of the LoRaSQ end-to-end solution.

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