Putting Fujitsu’s Virtuora® to the Test: TELUS and Fujitsu Collaborate with CENGN for an Exciting New Proof-of-Concept

https://www.cengn.ca/projects/Published: February 8th, 2017

CENGN recently teamed up with two of its members, TELUS and Fujitsu, for an exciting new project testing the capabilities of Fujitsu’s Virtuora® Network Controller (NC)! The Virtuora NC is part of Fujitsu’s suite of software products for virtualized programmable networks. The Controller leverages leading open source platforms to provide Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) orchestration and infrastructure management for Optical Transport Networks (OTN). So far, this collaborative project has successfully implemented several SDN-controlled scenarios that have shown promising results!

The main objective of the TELUS-Fujitsu testing is to demonstrate how SDN and NFV are implemented by Fujitsu using an open source network controller. These various scenarios reveal how the Virtuora Product Suite provides network planning, design, management, service fulfillment and performance assurance for OTN features.

Each member has brought some of their own resources to the table. With the use of Fujitsu’s Virtuora NC, TELUS’ OTN, and CENGN’s lab resources, the project enables the evaluation of unique configurations that could not be replicated in another test environment.

CANARIE is also an important part of the collaborative project as it provides access to a termination point on the test network. The test demonstrations are being run over the TELUS network between the CENGN and CANARIE labs, allowing the project to take full advantage of the infrastructure at both CANARIE and CENGN. Here at CENGN, we are ecstatic to be the multi-vendor lab to host and carry out testing in collaboration with our long-time partner CANARIE.

What is Being Tested?

The project has four major scenarios that have been designed to test the capability of the Virtuora NC. One of the scenarios focuses on network and topology discovery, demonstrating how the process works in virtualized optical networks. Another scenario illustrates how the creation and deletion of various services can be automated in the Virtuora Product Suite with the Open Daylight NC.

Using the Virtuora environment, testing is also being done to determine how loss of signal can be handled and implemented. This will be measure through service-affecting alarm and fault identification. Another valuable test focuses on dynamic service restoration. This scenario is designed to demonstrate how Virtuora performs revertive service restoration and path computation, and it also demonstrates how SDN and NFV can be leveraged by these features.

Each testing scenario is extremely valuable for recognizing the capabilities and strengths of Virtuora. The testing has not only been producing successful results, but also has been revealing opportunities for further improvement and innovation.

If all goes well in testing, Fujitsu believes Virtuora will help its costumers manage their network more efficiently and effectively. The features tested aim to help customers enable end-to-end operational automation, service orchestration, and network programmability. These features are just a few of the ways in which customers will be able to get the most out of their network transformation with Fujitsu’s Virtuora.

Why CENGN Loves Projects Like These

2 pagerBeing a consortium that focuses heavily on enabling projects between its members and partners, CENGN always looks forward to performing technical demonstrations and proof-of-concepts just like this one. It is CENGN’s goal to build an environment of “coopetition” in the ICT sector, where private companies and affiliates can come together to push forward innovation in new networking technologies.  We understand that Canada’s biggest innovators are stronger when collaborating their strengths towards a communal goal.

Not only are projects like these critical to creating opportunity for technological advancement, but also for creating progress in the Canadian industry. The collaboration of TELUS, Fujitsu, CANARIE and CENGN is a prime example of Canadian innovation at its best, and will no doubt lead to growth in the networking sector. CENGN looks forward to its next project with Fujitsu, as the testing to date has been generating rewarding and fruitful results.

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