Wind River and CloudOps take the first step in their joint project

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As a consortium of our members and partners, CENGN works towards uplifting Canada as a leader in ICT by helping different companies collaborate to improve upon and commercialize their products and solutions. This past May, we announced a multi-step collaborative project with member Wind River, and cloud solutions enterprise CloudOps. To read our first blog about this project, click here. Now, with the first stage of the project complete, CENGN has received training on Wind River’s Titanium edge software, as well as validated and implemented the product on the CENGN Cloud Infrastructure. CloudOps also educated both Wind River and CENGN on how their CloudMC solution can benefit the Titanium Edge platform. By teaming up with these awesome enterprises we were able to achieve all of our preliminary project goals, and more. Before we take a closer look at the project and our next steps, here’s some need-to-knows about each company and their relationship with CENGN!

Teaming up with Wind River and CloudOps

Wind River has been a member of CENGN for over a year, and offers a comprehensive, end-to-end portfolio of solutions ideally suited to address the emerging needs of IoT. Coming up to almost 40 years as an industry innovator, CENGN is proud to have such a close connection with one of Ottawa’s top ICT leaders.

On the other hand, CloudOps is a growing company that’s been operating since 2005 and has enabled hundreds of public, private, and hybrid companies to build their businesses using the CloudOps cloud infrastructure. With a headquarters in Montreal, we are so happy to be working with another innovative Canadian company just a couple hours away from our Kanata office!

Titanium Edge and why it’s important

Now that we are caught up on the players, let’s take a look at Wind River’s Titanium Edge and why it’s the centerpiece of this project. Wind River’s Titanium Edge is a cloud platform solution for businesses and service providers seeking scalability. With their Titanium Edge portfolio, Wind River makes deploying and managing a cloud network fast, efficient, and cost-friendly. This recent project allowed CENGN to validate Wind River’s Titanium Edge. Currently, Wind River offers their Titanium Edge as an all-inclusive package for a ready-to-deploy cloud platform. At CENGN, we’ve added Wind River’s Titanium Edge as an exciting new addition to our infrastructure to be leveraged by small and medium enterprises (SMEs) looking to test their cloud solutions.

What to expect in our next collaboration

Thanks to our collaborative training sessions with CloudOps and Wind River, CloudOps has showcased the benefit of their CloudMC to Wind River’s Titanium Edge. Moving forward, we will be implementing CloudOps’ CloudMC into Wind River’s Titanium Edge platform to provide it with new features including: role based access control, licensing/metering with show back/chargeback reporting, capacity management and a trial environment.

Here at CENGN, we’re excited to see the final product of this collaboration! We love working on projects that bring different members, partners, and SMEs together. This recent project specifically demonstrated the possibilities of connecting companies big and small in a community of co-opetition. By bringing different businesses together to collaborate on new technology, we are able to continue raising Canada up as a leader in ICT, while also driving competition within the high-tech ecosystem.

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