We live in a world cursed by cybercrime and cyberespionage. Employees policing the front lines in enterprises and organizations are frustrated, overwhelmed and exhausted by an endless flood of dangerous new external exploits. They also feel their vulnerability in the face of internal threats. They also feel they are sitting ducks in the face of growing internal threats.

They’re betrayed by hype promising 100% security, confused by panaceas such as AI, or movement to the Cloud, or even quantum computing.

Yet we all know that the risk of cyber losses can be slashed with proper encryption and backup. So why are enterprises, SMBs and individuals losing over $1 trillion each year to thieves and evil doers? Why are exploits like the hack of Equifax still happening?

Kryptera high speed mass encryption is the answer. It can stop the use of stolen files. And it can efficiently mass encrypt without requiring external key management.

Kryptera’s Mirage technology allows rapid encryption of very large files such as database backups, videos and training films.