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July 15, 2022


Revolutionizing Access to Geospatial and Geological Data in Underground Mines

RockMass is a mining and geosciences technology startup focused on data capturing and mapping for technical services. Their technology improves safety in underground environments, labour efficiency, optimized analysis for ground support design, block modeling and mine planning.

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January 10, 2022


Improving Mining Productivity and Safety with ADMMIT

FORTAI is an advanced technology and product manufacturing company focused on delivering innovative value chain management and savings to the mining industry.

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October 14, 2020

Meta Innovations

Game Changing Training Platform for Energy and Mining Sectors

Meta Innovation Technologies, Inc. is a Canadian tech company headquartered in Ottawa which beside AI augmented analytics products, offers the first simulation-based digital learning and development (L&D) platform of its kind (metaKinetic) built for Energy and Mining technical managers and...

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September 29, 2020


Risk Exposure Insights for the Mining Industry

Minetell is an enterprise risk management SaaS platform that measures and communicates risk exposure and control performance in real-time. We support organizations in complex, capital intensive industries. Highly flexible and scalable, Minetell uses AI/ML to streamline data management to predict,...

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November 4, 2019


SHYFTinc Validates Smart Mining Solutions to Resolve Industry Inefficiencies

SHYFTinc is a Sudbury-based company that develops and distributes solutions that advance the mining production process. The company delivers established and emerging automation and software products as well as services that make mining safer, more productive, and more profitable. Among...

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