Fixed Wireless Access from Small-Footprint Tower for Lake-District

CENGN residential broadband blueprints are made available to the public. Each blueprint showcases a broadband deployment barrier and the tech solution to overcome internet connectivity across Canada.

Problem: Extending high-speed Internet service to a northern Ontario lake-centered community that includes several small villages, as well as outlying waterfront and nearby properties 3-5 km away.

Tech Solution: The solution utilized the following to reduce network costs and accelerate deployment timeframes

  • Three newly built small-footprint self-supporting towers on unused municipally owned narrow road allowances
  • Upgraded radio equipment on an owned tower to offer 50/10 services
  • Multiple low-profile towers widely distributed along the lake shore
  • Two different radio frequencies for adjacent towers to minimize interference and speed up installations

This blueprint is intended as an information resource for any stakeholder or individuals interested in or looking to undertake the delivery of rural residential high-speed internet, including:

  • Community professionals and constituencies that work in municipal administration, business development, planning, public works, IT, and local residential high-speed Internet advocacy organizations.
  • Service providers interested in delivering residential high-speed Internet to rural communities.
  • Innovation and funding organizations aiming to accelerate or scale high-speed Internet related innovation, introduction, and return on investment (ROI).
  • Those interested in researching innovative Residential Broadband Program solutions.

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