Business Support

Accompanying our technical commercialization support, CENGN offers business and product management services including: demo showcasing, domestic and international event support, member and industry networking, and marketing.

Demo Showcasing

CENGN leverages its local and worldwide connections to give Canadian SMEs international exposure, by showcasing the SMEs’ solutions at different local and international conferences and summits.

Domestic and International Event Support

CENGN attends key industry trade shows and international missions. In addition, we organize marquee events, like the annual CENGN Summit and regular meet-ups, which bring together top leaders in next generation networking from all levels of government, academia, and industry. These events allow for SMEs to continue learning, and making meaningful connections with key players in the ICT sector.



Member and Industry Networking

CENGN brings together industry leaders through the growth of partnerships and memberships to stimulate Canada’s innovation ecosystem. These entities are at all levels of the telecom supply chain, including equipment suppliers, data centre operators, application providers, and service providers.

We are a central hub to next generation networking in Canada. We connect SMEs, multinationals, academia and government together to collaborate on projects and innovations. We believe that an environment of coopetition is integral to the rapid commercialization of Canada’s ICT sector, that’s why CENGN strives to build long lasting relationships between the organizations it works with.


CENGN is a leader in NGN innovation. We offer SMEs exposure through our marketing verticals, including:

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