Infrastructure Services

CENGN infrastructure services are the key technical resources provided to each accepted project.

Our infrastructure services allow provide you with the technology needed to validate your solutions and push your products to market. One unique aspect of our infrastructure is its adaptability. Each service can be customized to be used together or by itself as per the demands of the project. Our infrastructure is also flexible on the size of the project and can be changed based on the requirements for the proof-of-concept’s validation and demonstration. By working in collaboration with us, you are empowered to bring their innovation to the ICT sector at a much faster rate.

Cloud Tenancy Service

We host a multi-vendor cloud infrastructure, offering cloud tenancy services for the entirety of the project. The following chart provides more in-depth information about our cloud tenancy services and how they can be of use to your innovative ideas.

vCPU1: The 20 vCPUs can be consumed by the user in any required combination of Openstack virtual machines (VM) quotas. Example: Small Flavour VM *20 or Extra Large Flavour VM * 2. Currently, any project required VMs are created by CENGN engineers.

Internet2: Our cloud has multi-redundant 1G connections to the Internet and 10G connections to major public cloud service providers such as Google, MS Office 365 and Akamai. Requirement for inbound data will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Cloud ResourcesvCPU1 - 20
Memory - 40 GB
Disk - 400 GB
StorageBlock - 2 TB
Maximum 50 volumes
Object - 5TB
Internet2BW -100 Mbps
Usage - 1 TB per month
Security Policy: Inbound data not allowed by default
IPPrivate - Openstack Default
Public Floating (IPv4); /29 subnets, 2-4 IP addresses available Other IP addresses are used in project space.
Up to 10 VLANs and 20 VXLAN networks for use with their CENGN Cloud instances
Spaceup to 8RU
PowerAC power only; inverter needs to be supplied by SME for DC-powered devices; not backed up
Max Power Draw: 2000W
Network1G IPv4 connectivity to the cloud tenancy
InstallationCENGN installs project equipment in our data center and provides the necessary power and network connectivity

Hardware Hosting Services

We offer a supplementary hardware hosting service that works in conjunction with our cloud tenancy services. With this add-on service, if a project requires a specific device to be connected to the applications and/or software running in the tenancy, we can host the device in our facility and provide network connection to the tenancy. The chart to the left explains the 4 hosting services that we can offer your enterprise.

Bare Metal Services

We also offers bare metal as an optional add-on. If required to optimize the success rate of a project, a bare metal server will be provided for testing. For in-depth information, including specs about this service, view the chart to the right.

CPU2x6-core Intel Xeon 2.4GHz processors
Storage2X1TB RAID
I/O Ports2x10GB Ethernet LAN port
1xIPMI port
2X3.0 USB

CENGN can also provide enterprises with inbound data including: network, transport, and application information.

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