Mobile Networks

Mobile networks are communication networks where the last link is wireless – for example, think of a cellular radio tower connecting a voice and data network to your cellphone. With the momentum of 5G technologies and the creation of innovative solutions by vendors and service providers, there are many opportunities for your organization to enter the market in end-to-end mobile network solutions. We have an open invite to all Canadian SMEs to validate their mobile network solution through a CENGN project.

Project Scenarios in Mobile Networks 

  • Enhancing cellular connectivity by virtualizing evolved packet core functionality.
  • Building more efficient cloud radio access networks (C-RANs).
  • Improving low-latency applications using 5G.

The CENGN Advantage

Take advantage of our cloud infrastructure service to validate your mobile network solutions potentially push your product to the global market. The CENGN Infrastructure includes a mobile core network and a unique cloud platform that is specifically designed for Proof-of-Concept (PoC) projects related to mobile networks. Below are some Mobile Network areas that CENGN can carry out PoC projects in.


Mobile Network Solution AreaAreas of Advancement in Mobile Networks
Virtualized Mobile Network Functions
Virtualized mobile network functions are created to virtualize network services that are carried out on hardware to decrease cost, and the amount of hardware needed. Two areas of virtualized mobile network functions are C-RANs and vEPC.

Cloud radio access networks (C-RANs) can improve real-time virtualization on open platforms.

Virtual evolved packet core (vEPC) solutions can improve cellular connectivity in remote areas benefiting companies in the mining, oil, and agricultural industries.
Mobile Broadband

Mobile Broadband is a technology that provides wireless Internet access through a modem or mobile phone. Solutions in this area can focus on;

Expanding connectivity between interconnecting networks.

Network slicing to create multiple networks from a single core network, enabling flexibility.
5G Architecture Applications:

Moving from 4G to 5G architecture will dramatically improve the next generation of network architecture. The advancements coming with 5G will pave the way for;

Autonomous robots, an advancement which will increase productivity in many industries.

Precision agriculture which will allow farmers to yield crops more efficiently and maintain optimal environment levels.

Autonomous vehicles which will allow for better traffic management and reduce the number of road accidents today.

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