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The CENGN Academy training program is designed to provide the cloud computing skills most sought after by today’s leading edge telecom and tech industries. With a particular focus on open-source intelligent networking technologies, CENGN Academy training courses provide benefits and opportunities for both individuals and organizations.


Move Your Career Forward With Updated Training

Whether you’re a recent university graduate or seasoned professional, CENGN Academy offers numerous courses to keep you to date with today’s emerging cloud computing technologies. Each course is designed to provide you with a hands-on and self-paced online learning environment. All courses will give you access to multiple labs and online instructors. After completing your course and online exam, you’ll be awarded an online certification showing that you’ve mastered the curriculum. Get certified and update your career today.


CENGN Academy enables individuals at all points in their career path to skill up in key advanced technologies.

  • Students and new grads: Enhance your employment prospects. Build on your college/university studies to become truly job-ready.
  • Professionals: Improve your current job performance. Open more career path doors.

Skill Up


CENGN Academy’s skills-building & knowledge-sharing approach will unveil unlimited options for your organization

  • Unlock a faster track to revenue: Training is one of the best ways to accelerate your revenue generation, especially when you are leveraging open source innovation alongside proprietary services.
  • Create a Skills-building story: Link into CENGN Academy’s truly evolving training curriculum. Ramp up beginners, accelerate the more experienced and grow your talent. Interested in white-labeling CENGN’s training curriculum? Let us know at academy@cengn.ca.
  • Leverage CENGN’s full-loop service offering: CENGN provides a true full-spectrum of services to assist you in growing your tech products and services. Interested in our professional services and custom consulting? Contact us at services@cengn.ca.

Skill Up

What Makes CENGN Academy the right Choice?

CENGN Academy is a pan-Canadian training program and a key driver in bridging the skill gaps identified by the most advanced companies in cloud computing and networking technologies. By arming experienced professionals, new graduates and students with the most relevant skills in one of the most faced paced, growing industries in the world, CENGN Academy is working to advance the global competitiveness of the Canadian ICT workforce.

Engaging E-Learning

Our self-paced courses focus on specific use cases so you can put your knowledge and skills to good use in real life. We include videos and demos and use the latest industry case studies as part of your training. We include hands-on labs, all hosted on CENGN’s unique cloud platform, which allow you to hone your skills and learn best practices. And our “error-based learning” injects common issues into labs and guides you through the troubleshooting process, because in real life things go wrong.

Learner Support

Often times people may get to the end of a self-paced training course and not really be sure you learned everything. CENGN Academy provides real learner support to assist you while you are going through your training course. We will answer your questions, we will confirm your labs, we will even check in with you after your course and and we will send you training refreshers in the days and weeks after you complete your training.

Learner Validation

Formal validation of your learning is a key takeaway from any training course. For that reason, CENGN Academy offers online exams corresponding to each course. Each single exam will gain you a digital badge that you can make part of your LinkedIn profile or your badge portfolio. Our certifications announce your depth and breadth of knowledge and skills in cutting edge technologies. And we will bring these exams to your own home or office with our remote proctoring service.

Working with a team? Group rates are available 
for all our courses.

Contact Us For More Info at academy@cengn.ca

Learners Reviews

What our CENGN Academy learners are saying…

“Even though I was new to this topic, it was straightforward to follow and gave a good foundation on Docker and Kubernetes.”

Namitah Jacob, Integration and Verification Test Engineer, Ericsson

“The combination of classroom material + hands-on labs efficiently delivered in a single day was a perfect delivery. I highly recommend CENGN Academy to fellow executives and technical staff who can benefit from courses like Docker and Kubernetes Overview.”

Daniel Desjardins, PhD, President & CEO, Kings Distributed Systems Ltd.

“Based out of my own experience of taking Docker and Kubernetes basics training with CENGN, I can say that it is the BEST resource out there to get a good understanding of containerization and tools used to implement it.”

Daman Arora, Carleton University Alumni

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