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CENGN Cloud System Specialist

CENGN’s Cloud System Specialist program provides solid grounding in the essential concepts and hands-on skills required to work successfully in a cloud systems environment. Modules focus on: Linux and open-source tools; containerization with Docker and Kubernetes; network configuration; cloud deployment with OpenStack.

Docker and Kubernetes Basics

CENGN’s Docker & Kubernetes Basics covers the key concepts and skills required to deploy and orchestrate containerized applications. Docker and Kubernetes, the industry leading container runtime and orchestration tools, are used throughout. In particular, the course covers Kubernetes architecture and key objects including replication controllers, deployments and services. The course culminates with a guided Kubernetes troubleshooting exercise.

Docker and Kubernetes Advanced

Containerization and DevOps are revolutionizing the Information Technology world and introducing new paradigms into everything related to network-aware application development and deployment. This course continues on from CENGN’s Docker & Kubernetes Basics course, taking the learner on an in-depth journey that starts with container creation, adds storage and networking, secures that container and configures monitoring for an Internet accessible Kubernetes-based service

Intro to DevOps

DevOps is sweeping the IT world, but what is it exactly? This short course clarifies the problems that led to DevOps, defines DevOps and explains how it can benefit any organization involved in developing and deploying software. Topics include: the pillars of DevOps, with a focus on people and culture; phases and tools in the DevOps lifecycle; connections to CI/CD practices; and a preview of new developments in DevOps.

Machine Learning with Python

Machine Learning is a rapidly growing field that has captured the interest of the global community. Given all the buzz around, it can be difficult to understand what exactly it is. This course will help you grasp what machine learning is and what it is not, as well as understand the motivations and use cases related to machine learning. You will see why Python has become the tool of choice for machine learning, and then use it to solve multiple types of machine learning problems.

Infrastructure as Code

As virtualization has become commonplace, various tools have emerged that treat virtualized infrastructure as code. This course introduces learners to the concepts behind Infrastructure as Code (IaC), the benefits of automating infrastructure deployment, and the tools that make it possible. Labs present real-world scenarios that build practical skills with Terraform, Chef, Puppet and Ansible. In particular, Terraform and Ansible are investigated and applied in depth.

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CENGN Academy Cloud System Specialist

Learn to work on cloud-based systems using Linux, Docker, Kubernetes and Openstack. (Includes Docker and Kubernetes Basics). Earn a certification by taking the exam!

Docker and 
Kubernetes Basics

Learn key concepts for cloud-based containerization. Develop essential skills with Docker and Kubernetes. Earn a digital badge by taking the exam!

Docker and Kubernetes Advanced

Deploy, secure and monitor a web-accesible Kubernetes based service. Earn a digital badge by taking the exam!


Discover DevOps pillars and lifecycle. Appreciate the connections with CI/CD practices and tools. Gain insights from industry experts. Earn a digital badge by taking the exam!

Machine Learning with Python

Grasp what Machine Learning is and what it is not. Understand key use cases and problem types. Apply your learning in Python-based labs. Earn a digital badge by taking the exam!

Infrastructure as Code

Learn the concepts behind IaC and the benefits of automation. Select best tools for projects. Build skills with Terraform and Ansible. Earn a digital badge by taking the exam!

Learners Reviews

What our CENGN Academy learners are saying…

“CENGN’s Docker & Kubernetes Overview training helped our development team further advance their skills and knowledge required to develop, deploy and service the company’s cloud-based sensor data platforms.”

Dr. Cindy Hu, Director & Sr. Project Manager, A.U.G. Signals

“I had the most valuable hands-on experience in the CENGN lab. The knowledge I gained from CENGN Academy’s CCS course helped me prepare for job interviews and I was fortunate enough to get an offer as a Software Developer.”

Hariprasad Munusamy, Student at CENGN Academy

“I enjoyed taking CENGN’s Machine Learning Course with Python. It was a practical yet informative course well suited for beginner and experienced machine learning developers interested in refreshing their knowledge. “

Parnia Shokri, Platform Engineer II, Skywatch