Resource Requirement Testing

What is Resource Requirement Testing?

Resource Requirement testing identifies the most optimal hardware and software requirements for a solution or its components. This includes determining cloud offerings vs local infrastructures, CPUs vs GPUs, HDD vs SSD, the ideal quantity of resources (cores, ram, and disk storage), etc.

How It Helps Companies

This testing allows companies to better understand their solution’s hardware and software requirements. By defining the requirements of its solution, businesses can optimize cloud resources to fit their needs while ensuring they pay the appropriate amount for performance. Resource requirement testing gives businesses the information they need to make those decisions and prevents them from wasting capital.


By using monitoring tools during a scale testing project, organizations can understand the computing resources their solution requires. Using this information, organizations can work with their cloud provider to extrapolate these required resources at scale and represent them in terms of cloud operating expenses. With this knowledge, businesses can ensure they’re pricing their product appropriately and can cover their cloud operating expenses as they grow.

Resource Requirement Testing Considerations

GoalsWhat are the goals your solution aims to achieve?
ResourcesWhat resources does your solution currently use? Have there been any issues?
CybersecurityWhat are the security measures needed?
Incoming DataHow much data does your solution receive in a day?
EnvironmentWhere is your solution being stored? 
BudgetHow much money can your company allocate to hardware and software purchases and upgrades?
Speed and PerformanceWhat degree of processing power does your solution need?

Resource Requirement Test Your Tech Solution with CENGN

As a non-profit looking to supercharge Canada’s innovation economy, CENGN offers the infrastructure and expertise needed for small and medium sized businesses to scale test their tech products.

These services are provided through a no-cost CENGN project to Canadian companies looking for commercial growth.

CENGN uses monitoring tools during scale-testing projects to help businesses determine the computing resources required for their solution. Based on this information, CENGN and their cloud provider work together to figure out these required resources at scale and represent them in cloud operating expenses. This ensures that products are priced appropriately and that businesses aren’t overpaying for unneeded performance.

Most tech companies are experts in their specific product, not resource requirement testing. CENGN leverages the experience gained from 200+ commercialization projects to help businesses determine their testing goals, identify appropriate metrics and required equipment, design a unique testing process, and scale test and validate their product.

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