Studio 1 Labs is a Markham-based company that specializes in the emerging field of healthcare AI, in areas such as smart medical devices, advanced analytics, and prediction of health emergencies. Studio 1 Labs is the preferred solution for health monitoring, technology-human interaction, and prediction of health decline.

Studio 1 Labs had made an intelligent bed sheet that can monitor patient health without requiring any attachments to the body. Their patient-centered monitor has completed clinical validation and is as accurate with approved medical devices and standards; it looks and feels like an ordinary bed sheet that requires no attachments to the body, and uses advanced analysis from clinical data sources to predict onset clinical emergencies so that those in need can keep an independent high quality of life.

With connections with multiple academic institutions and multinationals, Studio 1 Labs seeks to build both domestic and global relations by combining resources, bettering the healthcare industry as a whole and solving the world’s greatest problems.