Formerly known as HaulerAds, Movia is a Toronto-base out-of-home advertiser and media provider. Its story begins in 2015 when Casey Binkley, founder and president of Movia, noticed something peculiar about the mobile billboard advertising industry – no ads on trucks! His entrepreneurial instincts told him, “a commercial vehicle without creative advertising is an underutilized asset for truckers and advertisers!”. Thus, concluding these facts:

  • Companies demand more and more outdoor brand exposure, while the supply of traditional billboards continues to shrink (due to city development and municipal restrictions).
  • There is a need for data analytics on this advertising platform to guide marketers.

Companies recognize that out-of-home advertising is a key ingredient in increasing their brand awareness. Access to traditional billboard advertising and other out-of-home advertising mediums are limited and present a vast number of challengers such as; the inability to track the success or failure of advertising billboard demand and supply. Even more so, Movia is the ONLY mobile billboard advertiser/truck wrap supplier with unique GPS tracking and Impression Analytics Technology. With it, advertisers can track where their ads are being shown, who is seeing them, and the impressions gathered.