June 4, 2019 @ 5:15 pm
Bayview Yards
7 Bayview Rd
Open Source Networking Meetup @ Bayview Yards

Come join CENGN and the Linux Foundation for an Open Source Networking Meetup at Bayview Yards (7 Bayview Rd)!

This event will discuss open source technology like Software Defined Networking (SDN), Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), Management and Orchestration (MANO), cloud, data analytics, and the acceleration of underlying infrastructures. We focus on the Linux Foundation networking projects: DPDK, FD.io, ONAP, OpenDaylight, OPNFV, PNDA, and SNAS, as well as other open source initiatives.

The meetup will take place on June 4th at 5:15pm. It includes presentations from tech industry representatives, an opportunity to network with some of Ottawa’s most innovative professionals, and complimentary beer, soda and pizza!

No purchase required, this meetup is a FREE event.


Gary Boon, Senior Technical Leader at Cisco

An Introduction to FD.io’s VPP
The presentation will provide you with an introduction to FD.io’s VPP (Vector Packet Processing) technology, and help you understand how VPP stands out from other packet processing alternatives for commodity CPUs. Gary will explain why Cisco’s mobility team chose to adopt this technology, how it helps to solve their problems, and conclude by offering some tips for organizations considering the use of VPP in their own solutions.

Kyler Manseau, CENGN Cloud Infrastructure Engineer

Programming the Network with SRv6
Kyler’s presentation will include an exploration of the concepts of the new and emerging SRv6 technology, and will discuss the key features of SRv6 and how they can be used to program a network, engineer the flow of traffic, and integrate into service-chaining with NFV. This presentation will include a demo on some of these features.


5:15pm – Doors open
5:30pm – Complimentary food and drinks
6:00pm – Introduction by Rick Penwarden, Marketing Manager at CENGN
6:10pm – Presentation #1 by Gary Boon, Senior Technical Leader at Cisco
7:00pm – Presentation #2 by Kyler Manseau, CENGN Cloud Infrastructure Engineer
7:45pm & Onward – Opportunity to hangout, ask questions and network

We look forward to seeing you there!

If you are free for the day, come to Bayview Yards early to join us for CENGN’s NFV Foundations Seminar, June 4th from 1-5pm.

This seminar will open the door to understanding this important technology, NFV’s role in current networks and it relationship with Software Defined Networking (SDN). Different NFV applications and vendor approaches to NFV will be investigated. Use cases from CENGN’s ecosystem will also be presented.

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