CENGN Attends the 2017 Fundica Roadshow!

On March 24th, CENGN attended the 2017 Fundica Roadshow at the Collab Centre in Ottawa!

As most know, Fundica is a funding service, that works to match entrepreneurs, public funders and private investors through its unique method. Fundica is one of Canada’s most successful funding organizations that focuses on providing the best and most appropriate funding tools for Canadian companies.

The Fundica Roadshow is an event that is hosted and run by Fundica itself, and has been on-going for the past four years. The roadshow is carried out by making its rounds to ten of Canada’s top business cities. In each of these cities, up to twenty tech based companies are given the opportunity to pitch to Fundica funder representatives, with their new and innovative ideas!

Ottawa was only the third stop of the roadshow for Fundica. The event will continue to run until mid-May, during which 7 other cities will be visited including: Toronto, Montreal, Waterloo, Halifax, Vancouver, Victoria, and Calgary, in search for the company best suited for the 1-million-dollar investment award. 

CENGN’s Rick Penwarden, with Erik Bitmanis Program Marketing Specialist at CANARIE Inc.

Not only was the event for entrepreneurs looking to pitch their ideas, but also involved educational presentations from inspirational speakers of the ICT sector. There were also private speakers, where organizations could show off their services to the small business community. One of these speakers included, Erik Bitmanis who is the Program Marketing Specialist of CANARIE. Erik’s presentation focused on CANARIE’s cloud services offered to start-ups in Canada and its potential to accelerate an innovation’s push to market. CENGN had the privilege of meeting with Erik after his presentation to further discuss the latest in technology and the opportunities that are to come in the future for small and medium businesses in the ICT sector.

CENGN’s Marketing Manager, Rick Penwarden attended the Fundica Roadshow and made connections with new startups focused on entering the Ottawa tech sector. During the networking periods CENGN was also able to chat with member, Invest Ottawa about what’s to come in the Ottawa tech startup community.

The Fundica Roadshow 2017 gave CENGN the chance to learn much more about the important funding trends and opportunities that Fundica currently offers. As a community partner of the event, CENGN had a first row seat for the competition. We were ecstatic to see so much enthusiasm and promising ideas coming from Canada’s capital. CENGN wishes all the competitors the best of luck in chasing their startup goals and we were happy to show our support for small business growth and innovation in the city.

A big thank you goes out to Fundica for running this large, month and a half roadshow, and giving Canada the chance to showcase its incredible talent and ideas!

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