CENGN partners showcase smart city solution at Berlin conference (Ottawa Business Journal)

Source: Ottawa Business Journal

A new CENGN solution partnering member company Juniper Networks with Inocybe Technologies will help make smart cities a reality, CENGN president and CEO Ritch Dusome said Wednesday.

The technology aims to improve the management of community services, including schools, transportation systems, hospitals, power grids, water and waste management facilities and law enforcement, Mr. Dusome said in a statement, adding it will deliver “long-term economic and social benefits.”

Mr. Dusome’s comments came as the solution, called the Open Smart City Infrastructure and Services proof-of-concept project, had its first live demonstration at the 2016 OPNFV Summit in Berlin.

Traditional network management sees each service provider operate on its own infrastructure, leading to complex physical networks, infrastructure duplication, service delays and increased management costs.

With financial and technical support from CENGN, Juniper and Inocybe have created an open network to accommodate many service providers simultaneously, providing a platform for “on-demand” city services.

CENGN says the new technology maximizes the efficiency and impact of municipal assets and services.

Inocybe president and CEO Mathieu Lemay said many cities are “keen to incorporate emerging technologies” to meet their smart city agendas but have so far struggled to figure out exactly how to do it.

“Together with Juniper Networks and CENGN, we have created an innovative, open and shared, made-in-Canada network solution that increases the productivity and performance of municipalities and their citizens,” Mr. Lemay said in a statement. “It will support smart cities for decades to come.”

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