Rook-Ceph Explored and Explained at Cloud Native Day 2019!

CENGN recently had a tech-filled day in Montreal for Cloud Native Day, where CENGN representatives Raymond Maika, Engineering Team Lead, and Moh Ahmed, Cloud Infrastructure Engineer, provided attendees with tips and tricks for using Rook to manage Kubernetes storage with Ceph.

Cloud Native Day is an event that brings tech enthusiasts from the community together to explore various Cloud Native solutions and CNCF member projects. No matter if you’re a beginner in your Cloud Native journey, or you have been leveraging this technology for years, this event has technical discussions that will provide use cases, journeys, and demos, useful to all skill levels.

Discussion topics were selected by a committee of Cloud Native pros, who are well-versed industry veterans. CENGN was thrilled to be featured in the program, spear heading the ‘Using Rook to Manage Kubernetes Storage with Ceph’ talk. Here, Raymond and Moh introduced Rook within the Cloud Native context and addressed the solutions it provides administrators.

Raymond and Moh began their presentation by discussing the purpose of Rook-Ceph, and the many pros that are available for administrators of this technology. A Rook operator can manage and configure a storage cluster through the utilization of the storage backend Ceph, making it easy to upgrade the operator and backend independently of each other. With this, the administrator gains control over their environment. Although use cases for Rook-Ceph do vary depending on the Kubernetes cluster and purpose, the shared filesystem that Ceph provides allows end-users scalability of different services by running multiple pods within the same mounting point.

Raymond and Moh ended their presentation by running a Rook-Ceph cluster demo, and then had time to attend other tech-talks and partake in the discussions of Cloud Native.

CENGN was ecstatic to see some of our very own memberspartners and CENGN project companies partaking in this event! One highlight was CENGN member,  Juniper Networks’ ‘A well-grounded cloud: Exploring the foundation of Cloud Native’ discussion, which explored the reasoning behind Cloud Native’s successes and why it has become the default architecture for new and evolving software.

CloudOps, a rapidly growing Canadian networking company who has both completed projects with CENGN and become an important partner to the organization, also took a leadership role at this event! They chatted on ‘The Containerization of Machine Learning’ with attendees, discussing the artificial intelligence and machine learning which can be used to identify patterns and predict future unknowns through the input of predetermined answers into mathematical models. Then, CloudOps provided an insightful talk and demo on the composable, portable and scalable Kubeflow, which is a machine learning stack built on top of Kubernetes.

Check out CloudOps’s CENGN projects, which demonstrated the successful integration and validation of its IaaS portal CloudMC with Wind River’s Titanium Edge! Click here to learn more about their initial CENGN project, and click here for their most recent CENGN project!

You can watch CloudOps discuss the future of networking at the last CENGN Summit, when they took a seat on our ‘Business in a Hyper-Connected World’ panel.  Click here to watch the video!

It is so important to CENGN to attend and contribute to events like Cloud Native Day to continue to expand our technical knowledge and build upon the network tech strength that is prevalent in Canada. It is also a great opportunity to continue to connect with our members, partners, and SMEs, and stay in the loop on their current projects and innovations. By continuing to connect with the community and learn from the thriving Canadian tech ecosystem of businesses, CENGN seeks  to help solidify the ICT global competitiveness of our country resulting in an increase in our innovation economy and prosperity for all!

A huge thank you to Cloud Native for inviting us to speak at this event! We are looking forward to future collaborations.

Didn’t have a chance to hang with CENGN at this event? Don’t worry we have an action-packed month ahead of us! Check out our events calendar to see where we are headed next.


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