CENGN hosts Ottawa’s Open Source Networking Meetup

Pre-CENGN Summit meetup kick starts the tech talk!

On December 6th, CENGN hosted a pre-summit networking meetup. The meetup featured four industry experts, who spoke on various open networking topics and case studies!

The insightful list of speakers included: Ritch Dusome, President and CEO of CENGN, Aric Gardner, System Administrator of OPNFV, Raymond Maika, Software Engineer of CENGN, and Mathieu Lemay CEO of Inocybe. Each gave a great deal of perspective and information about what themselves and their companies have been up to this past year!

The Ottawa Open Source Networking Meetup delivered several valuable components, as it gave attendees the chance to understand what other fellow companies within the tech industry offer, and their impact on Canada.Acting as a great networking opportunity, industry leaders, students, and various tech companies had the chance to meet and exchange knowledge, information and business cards. Designed for those interested in the latest open networking trends, the Meetup provided everyone the opportunity to mingle and network within a more intimate crowd and setting, before the CENGN Summit.

These speaking topics included an outlook on the events three major sponsors, CENGN, OPNFV and OpenDaylight. It also feautred an overview on CENGN’s new Open Networking project on FastDataStacks.

With a turnout comprised of students, members, partners and industry experts, the event ran very smoothly and had active participation from a wide array of outlooks and opinions on the tech industry today!

Thank you to all the speakers and attendees who joined us in this successful event!

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